Wordy Wednesday: What your favorite bestselling authors are working on


BestSelling Reads authors are not the kind of writers to just sit back and admire the work they’ve done. They’re all hard at work on new books. Here are a few examples of what you can look forward to over the next few months.

Kathleen Valentine is working hard to bring out The Crazy Old Lady’s Secret this fall.CrazyOldLadySecret cover

The mysterious house on Beacon Hill has been sold but strange things keep happening, people are dying–and no one is more mysterious than the new owner.”

Toby Neal is working on the eighth instalment of her Lei Crime, Hawaiian mysteries series,  Fire Beach.

Fire was poetry. Flame was destiny. The Fireman smiled to himself as he said the words out loud, tasting the way they sounded.” 

The next book in Mimi Barbour’s X series will be Special Agent Finnegan Special Agent Finnegan by Mimi Barbour

 never expected he’d be the type of a man interested in robbing the cradle when it came to choosing his woman.” 
Rachel Thompson will follow Broken Pieces with Broken Places this fall: 
 …it was the mid-70s. Nobody really knew or understood that therapy wasn’t only for the mentally ill, like my crazy Aunt Barbara who existed only on cigarettes and Thorazine.
“I wasn’t her. I wasn’t like that. I was fine.”


 Rise of the Dem-Shyr cover by Raine ThomasRaine Thomas is about to release book 2 of the Ascendant Series, Rout of the Dem-Shyr on July 21:

“Forbidden love will lead to deadly consequences.”

Date Shark 2 cover
DelSheree Gladden is hard at work on book 2 of her Date Shark series, with the working title Shark Out of Water. 

When falling in love could mean being broken forever, sacrificing everything takes on new meaning.” 

Barb Drozdowich is now finishing edits on The Book Blogger Platform and anticipates publishing in about three weeks. Filled with technical details and hints, it will be a primer for beginning book bloggers. It will useful for book bloggers who have been in the game a while and need a brush up on their technical skill or help expanding their readership. I’ll email the cover right away.

Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar I’m working on The Opposite of Fate, a historical novel set in Laos in Southeast Asia.

Jesi Lea Ryan has just finished a draft of her third Arcadia novel, following Arcadia’s Gift and Arcadia’s Curse. She is awaiting the editor’s comments. 

Scott Bury is working on the sequel to his new Army of Worn Soles, continuing the protagonist’s journey through World War Two as he tries to escape Stalin’s NKVD to get home to Canada. With the working title of The Four-Sided War, he plans to release it this fall.

That’s just a sampling of what all avid readers can look forward to.Check back frequently for more.

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