Wordless Wednesday: The Whiskey Bottle in the Wall by Kathleen Valentine



Secrets of Marienstadt

A novel told in eleven stories set in Marienstadt, a fictional Pennsylvania Dutch community in the Allegheny Highlands. Meet Oliver, the powerful but reclusive woodsman; Father Nick Bauer; Gretchen, owner of The Calico Cuckoo Quilt Shop; the devastatingly handsome Chief of Police, Henry Werner; Dean Ginther, the patrolman who loves to ticket nuns; Lola Eckert, a beautiful but bashful strudel artist; Peeper Baumgratz, who is ready for the Apocalypse; Sister Ursula, the nun with a snowplow; Mulligan Wolfe, the pig farmer who can dance, and many more.

“…a rich tapestry that will forever reflect Pennsylvania Dutch history, ancestry, and legends.”
– Kiana Davenport, author of Shark Dialogues and The Spy Lover

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Kathleen Valentine
Kathleen Valentine

Kathleen Valentine is the author of four novels including the award-winning The Whiskey Bottle in The Wall: Secrets of Marienstadt; the Amazon Best Seller in Psychological Horror, The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic; its sequels The Crazy Old Lady’s Revenge and The Crazy Old Lady Unleashed; as well as numerous short stories and novellas. She is currently working on Volume 4, The Crazy Old Lady’s Secret. She lives in Gloucester, MA.

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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Whiskey Bottle in the Wall by Kathleen Valentine”
  1. I’ve enjoyed everything that Ms Valentine has written, especially these wonderful stories about small town PA Dutch life. Thanks for spreading the word.

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