Win-a-Book Wednesday: The Crazy Old Lady Omnibus


CrazyOmnibusLargerIt couldn’t be easier to win a paperback book.

Leave a comment in the Comments section below and you’ll get a copy of Kathleen Valentine’s The Crazy Old Lady Omnibus,” which contains her three bestselling Crazy Old Lady stories.

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About the book

All three volumes of The Crazy Old Lady Beacon Hill Chronicles in one volume.

Volume 1: The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic

The townhouses on serene, elegant Beacon Hill in Boston are some of the most lavish and expensive in the country. When Stan and Mattie take up residence in the dark and crumbling five-story house that Mattie grew up in and has just inherited from her grandmother, their plans are to clean it out, fix it up, sell it, and return to their quiet life on Cape Cod. Mattie is overwhelmed by the gowns, furs and jewels in GrammyLou’s bedroom. Stan is amazed by the fifth-floor ballroom which has been locked up since the night of Mattie’s father’s thirtieth birthday party — the party that ended in the car wreck that killed both of her parents. Now, as they set about sifting through GrammyLou’s endless possessions they find mysterious things: a closet full of still-wrapped presents, a marked passage in her grandfather’s Bible, and a secret drawer with disturbing content. Mattie soon learns that her entire life has been built on a foundation of lies… that she was raised in a house of horror, by a monster.

Volume 2: The Crazy Old Lady’s Revenge

Growing up in her grandparent’s apartment in Boston’s Theater District, Vivienne Lang spent much of her childhood in the Beacon Hill townhouse of her best friend, Mattie Thorndike. Then Vivienne’s life was uprooted and, by the time she returned to Boston, she was deeply changed. Now, she spends her time taking care of her grandfather and studying martial arts, a lonely and reclusive woman, until she reads a newspaper article about a body buried in the garden of Mattie’s home. She and Mattie reconnect but within days of their reunion the realtor showing the house is found in the servants’ stairwell with a broken neck. Then the old housekeeper, Nell, is found floating, face down, in the ocean. As more bodies turn up, Vivienne becomes deeply involved in inexplicable circumstances including meeting a handsome, sexy ex-cop named Joe Quinn, and a strange yarn shop-owner who calls herself Madame Defarge. And someone seems to be stalking Mattie.

Volume 3: The Crazy Old Lady Unleashed

Two years have passed since the horrible events in the Thorndike brownstone on Beacon Hill. Viv and Joe are recovering. Mattie and Stan have Adam, the little son they both adore. But strange things are going on in GrammyLou’s townhouse; realtors refuse to show it because they say it is haunted and prospective buyers are being frightened away. Mattie hires a Salem ghost-hunter named Destiny Starlight, but though she identifies three distinct spirits haunting the old ballroom, her bungling only makes matters worse. With the help of Calista Defarge and Anteus Roosevelt Jones, an elderly historian, Viv discovers an ancient secret the house conceals. Guided by a mysterious Romanian monk, Brother Maksim Gromyko, Viv makes a terrifying journey that could end her relationship with Joe—and possibly her life.

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About the author

KV-300pxKathleen Valentine was born and grew up in the Allegheny Highlands of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Penn State with a degree in The Arts and worked for over twenty years in the art/marketing departments of high-tech corporations. Since 2003 she has run her own design business, She is the author of “Fry Bacon. Add Onions,” a cookbook/memoir of growing up Pennsylvania Dutch, as well as 4 novels, several novelettes and short story collections, and knitting instruction books. She has been listed as an Amazon Top 100 Author in Horror. Her novellas, “The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic” and “Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter” were Amazon Top Ten Best Sellers in Horror and Ghost Stories for over 20 weeks.

Her blog at has been read by thousands of readers since its beginning in July 2005. She currently lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts, America’s oldest seaport, and is writing every day.



  1. Linda Weber says

    Anyone should be thrilled to win these books! I loved all of them.

  2. Mary Hoffmann says

    Oh I hope I win! They look fantastic!

  3. I love stories set in Boston where I grew up. Stepping back into the horror genre is making me trepidatious, but the synopses are intriguing. I’d love to give it a go with this series!

  4. Patty Posteraro says

    I love all of Kathleen’s books! I would be thrilled to receive one….

  5. Terry Milton says

    Big fan of all of Kathleen Valentine’s books!

  6. deborah blanchard says

    I have the first of these books, but I would love to own them all. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  7. Sue Tinge says

    These sound really good! I’d love to read them.

  8. Leslie Hamilton says

    I love everything you write and find on Facebook. These books sound just great. I can’t wait to become a big fan!

  9. Love the descriptions, Kathleen – they sound fabulous!

  10. Patty Martin says

    I have enjoyed all your books Linda has turned me on to….reading The Whiskey a Bottle in the Wall, Vol 1 right now! Would love to add these to my list!

  11. Nancy Alberico says

    I loved your other stories and hope to win these!!

  12. These are new to me but they have peaked my interest! They sound great. Thanks for the chance to win these.

  13. Hey Kathleen, You are a new name and a new Author to my world and I would love to read your books. The excerpts sound awesome and my grandkids call me a Crazy Old Lady…thus this series sounds perfect for me in my ripe old age. I am in the Long Distance Book Club on Facebook and love all the new Authors in our lives.

  14. OOps this crazy old lady is ask to moderate…thus I would love to read your books.

  15. sounds interesting

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  16. Barbara Tobey says

    Terrific sounding trio.

  17. Donna Thompson says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. These books sound great!

  18. Amy Hallmark says

    Love the sound of these. Would love to win them. I enjoy finding new authors.

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  19. Would love to win. The titles sound great.

  20. These sound fantastic. I would love to win them. 🙂

  21. The winner of the paperback of THE CRAZY OLD LADY OMNIBUS on Best Selling Reads blog was Mary Hoffman so if she will message me her address I’ll send it to her. However, I so appreciate all your comments that I have sent digital copies of the book to all who commented. Thanks for entering!!!

  22. Linda Kish says

    Darn, I’m too late. I didn’t realized it was so quick.
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