Win-A-Book Wednesday: A Very Marienstadt Christmas


ChristmasMarienstadt-500pxThis is a PAPERBACK copy of the 2014 Limited Edition book by Kathleen Valentine. It contains three Christmas themed stories, The Reluctant Belsnickel of Opelt’s Wood (story), The Christmas Daughter (novel), and Treeing (story) PLUS a selection of recipes for the delicious confections served in Lola’s Strudel Shop, the most popular gathering place in Marienstadt.

To win, just comment below and tell us a favorite Christmas memory!

About the book:

It’s Christmas time in the Pennsylvania Dutch town of Marienstadt and everything is sparkling. You are invited to come spend the holidays in a community of people where tradition is strong and love is all around.

  • ¬†When The Reluctant Belsnickel of Opelt’s Wood was released in 2011 it quickly climbed Amazon’s charts to #1 in Folklore. This novella tells the story of a sad, lonely man who finds joy and love when he is persuaded to play the folkloric role of Belsnickel for the children of Marienstadt.
  • Published in 2013 The Christmas Daughter: A Marienstadt Story, is a novel about Boone Wilde, a former biker and heartthrob, who discovers he has a 12 year old daughter who needs him–a daughter that he comes to need even more.
  • New for 2014 is the story, Treeing, in which a solitary antiques dealer is on a quest to find a holiday punch bowl for a traditional Marienstadt Treeing party and who finds much more in the process.
  • In addition, Lola Eckert, the founder of Lola’s Strudel Shop, a Marienstadt institution, shares with readers a collection of her most requested holiday recipes. Included are instructions for making strudel, including five strudels mentioned in the stories, plus keuchels, apple and peach dumplings, rhubarb tarts and more.


About Kathleen Valentine

From the Allegheny Mountains where she grew up, to the Gloucester seaport where she wrotes, Kathleen Valentine loved nothing more than listening to the stories that people tell while sitting on front porches, gathered around kitchen tables, or swapped in coffee shops and taverns. Her collection of legends, folklore, and tall tales were woven into her fiction. The award-winning author of novels, novellas, & short story collections, as well as books of knitting patterns, & a cookbook/memoir about growing up Pennsylvania Dutch, Valentine has been listed as an Amazon Top Selling Author in Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Cooking, and Knitting. As a writer her primary interest was delving into the psychology of her characters. Her stories were sometimes mysterious, sometimes funny, usually romantic, and frequently frightening. Her characters ranged from lost children and grumpy old folks, to mysterious men and women who are not to be trifled with. On October 29, 2016, Kathleen passed away in her home in Gloucester, Massachusetts, America's oldest seaport.


  1. Would love to read all of these stories. I’ll bet she has captured the magic of small town PA at its finest.

  2. Christina munson says

    My favorite Christmas memory was my sons first Christmas. He had so many presents that he was just a tiny baby hidden in a pile of toys.

  3. Joy A Lorton says

    My favorite Christmas was the ine when my family lived in northern Illinois near Moline. My grandmother Grace, however, lived many miles south in the small town of White Hall, Illinois. Grandma used to travel everywhere by Greyhound bus. She was always present – no matter where any of her grown daughters lived in the US – for the birth of a new baby and to take care of the children and household until the new mother was back on her feet. But I didn’t really expect her to spend Christmas with my family that year. Our part of the state was covered with snow and ice (that may have been the year, too, when we were literally trapped in our hiuse for 3 days because of the snow). In any event, that was the Christmas that my grandma Grace took the bus from White Hall to iur home WITH a special gift for me – a beautiful red bicycle! She rode all that way to bring me my most wanted gift! I remember, too, that despite the sniw and ice, I was biund and determined to learn how to ride that bike while she was still visiting us! I figured if she had the tenacity to bring it all that way on the bus, the least I could do was to learn how to ride it so she could see first-hand how much I really loved it!

  4. Marcia Walden says

    Love, love, love her stories!

  5. Mary Schultz says

    Love her books

  6. Nice to have a hometown author. She weaves stories of hometown names & places. Nice to have a Christmas happening.

  7. Linda A. Himes says

    I AM the children of Marianstadt — thank you, Kathleen for reminding me of my heritage.

  8. Linda A. Himes says

    I AM the children of Marianstadt — thank you, Kathleen, for reminding me of my heritage.

  9. Connie Deshaies says

    I would love a copy! My favorite Christmas memory is ‘treeing’ for the whole week between Christmas and New Year!

  10. I love Kathleen’s books. She’s an amazing writer and her home town stories always take me down memory lane.

  11. Christmas memories…as a child, decorating the live tree on Christmas Eve with my family…then heading to bed in anticipation of Santa coming. As a teacher, the excitement of the children for weeks in anticipation of Santa coming!

  12. I love reading all of these books….so many memories of St. Marys.

  13. Sally Geyer says

    What I like are the short stories. I am not one to read the 400 page long books and I like these books. You can read a story and get thru it and move onto another story.

  14. Kathleen’s stories of home bring smiles and tears. I love the characters and the great stories. Reading her stories is like a trip home.

  15. decorating together

  16. Thank you all so much and I have emailed the winner to notify her!!!

    Merry Christmas, Kathleen