What’s Your Dream Prize? – Last Day to Enter!


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BSR Wants to Know:  What’s Your Dream Prize?


BestsellingReads already brings you a stream of great books. But what makes a great prize?

In our giveaways, we’ve offered iPad Minis, Kindle Fires, free books, Amazon gift cards and cash.

What do you want to win next?  A Ferrari?*  An iPhone?  Tickets to Cats?

Since we want ideas on Giveaways, we’ll give a free ebook to the first 50 people who give us a viable suggestion.

Which ebook?  Well stroll through our authors’  pages and pick out the one you want.  Leave the title of the book along with your comment, and we’ll get it out to you.

* Sorry, the Ferrari isn’t a viable suggestion.  At least not this year.


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  1. My dream prize would be a spa weekend with no computer and no telephone.

  2. carol roberts says

    my dream prize would be a room makeover maybe a few thousands to buy paint and sea scape things

  3. My dream prize? How about a laptop? Ive wanted one for so long! Thank you!! 🙂

  4. Susan W. says

    I love electronics and gift cards as prizes.

  5. Barb Drozdowich says

    My dream prize would be a gift card from Barnes & Noble

  6. Natalie Cleary says

    My dream prize would be a few hundred dollars gift card for Amazon 🙂

  7. Janice Hougland says

    It may sound boring and unoriginal to most people, but I still adore gift cards…to Amazon.com since you can find almost anything there…for myself or as gifts to others. They are the PERFECT giveaway! jdh2690 at gmail dot com

  8. My dream prize would be a macbook 🙂

  9. A charm for my Charmed Memories/Pandora Charm Bracelet, they have a book one I’ve seen.
    Gift cards to Amazon.
    A trip to the location/setting of a great book ie. A trip to where Nicholas Sparks latest book took place, or a trip to the beach period.


  10. Melanie lindsay says

    My dream prize would be a house in Scotland! I want to go live there forever. Unlimited plane trips would be great too so I could travel and visit friends and family and do races around the world.

  11. My dream prize would be an iPad mini since I had one and I was in love with it, and used it for everything, for school and work and was planning on using it at Comic-Con but it was stolen on a plane two days ago. I was devastated. Winning an iPad mini would be a dream come true and a life-saver.

  12. Michelle Bledsoe says

    My dream prize would be to have my own personal library built.

  13. Naznin Azeez says

    My dream prize is a Clarisonic Mia. Cash is always welcome too!

  14. My dream prize would be a trip to Ireland and I would take the iPad mini that I won along with me…thank you!!

  15. Marjorie says

    I would love to stay in a very nice hotel and just veg. out.

  16. Terry Trahan says

    My dream prize would be a surprise visit from an author. ❤

  17. I adore Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, and Adventure/Action books.
    My dream prize? Honestly I’m more in favor of the Amazon Gift Certificates, because I can use those for books, or other stuff. 🙂

  18. My dream prize would be an unlimited Amazon gift card so I could buy as many books as I wanted

  19. My dream prize is a gift card! I like Fredrik’s though too!

  20. I love books and often want a chance to connect with authors and fellow readers, so how about this: an all expense-paid trip to BEA or to the National Book Festival.

  21. Debra Hall says

    my dream prize is a trip to alaska

  22. Tiffany M. says

    My dream prize would be a trip for my daughter and I because she is old enough now to appreciate and remember it! The iPad mini is amazing though because her tablet recently broke and seeing she is pulling off A’s in school I would love to give it to her for a great report card <3. Thank you all again for doing this!!

  23. Dream prize would be a Mac or MacBook. An iPad mini is a great thing too.

  24. My dream prize is a makeover of my computer room, complete with built-in book shelves!

  25. Colleen Schilinski says

    Dream prize for me would be an all expense paid trip to the Florida Keys.

  26. An Amazon gift certificate, a hotel night gift certificate and chocolates would be a great prize! Wasted Justice by Diane Capri looks great!

  27. Nadene Reynolds says

    My dream prize would be a gift card from Amazon or the ipad mini.
    I would like

  28. I love getting food for my kindle.

  29. amazon gc

  30. Sandra "Jeanz" says

    Mmm dream prize £100 Gift Card or would still really love to win an ipad!

  31. My dream prize would be amazon gift cards I am a reading addict .

  32. I have a lot of non-viable dream prizes, but at the present time the best viable one that I can think of is an Amazon card large enough to pay for a semester’s worth of textbooks for my daughter. We like to buy them through Amazon, since they are almost always cheaper, but cannot sometimes, since the money isn’t available, and her grants don’t come until a month after school starts.

  33. Ellen Thompson says

    I think all of the things you have listed above sound good. I really like gift cards to Amazon and Barnes and Noble and a laptop would be nice also. If I can get it, I would like the book Nothing Stays in Vegas by Elena Aitken.

  34. My dream prize is an iPhone 5.

  35. Like the I pad minis.. thank you…

  36. Susan S. says

    I love reading paranormal romance.

  37. Steph Coupns says

    a macbook or a new tv

  38. Shayna Snyder says

    My dream prize would be a Macbook!!!

  39. Crystal Guidroz says

    My dream prize would be to win a beach front villa in St. John US Virgin Islands with my own private jet for traveling to and from there 🙂

  40. My dream prize would be gift cards and cash 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway!

  41. Cynthia W says

    I like the idea of winning an iPad mini, but a MacBook would be even better. Or the Amazon gift cards since I already have a reader and full-sized iPad.

  42. My dream prize is a Kindle Fire 🙂

  43. I would like an iPad (not a mini). Or a enormous Amazon gift card. =)

  44. An IPad gift card!!

  45. Julia Rain says

    Amazon gift cards. Signed books are awesome too.

  46. Angela C. says

    I love Amazon Gift Cards. There’s nothing I love more than books, and with that I can buy books for myself, or family/friends. I love Kindles too!

  47. Kathy Ivan says

    My dream prize would be a vacation where all I had to do all day lone was read and have the time to write and finish up my current projects. That would be wonderful.

  48. HD kindle fire! i want one so bad!!1

  49. Karoline says

    A new laptop! Been needing one of those for a long time, but I’ll take an ipad mini too!!

  50. Gift cards, Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble!

  51. I love the Kindle and iPad ideas, but Lodging/hotel (airfare would be an added bonus) and tickets for two to an author signing or RT convention would be my dream prize.

    I’d like Weekends Required by Sydney Landon if my idea is “viable”.

  52. My dream prize would be my very own writing space, maybe in one of those shared offices. That way I would not be easily distracted by TV, the Internet, getting something to eat from my kitchen, etc.

  53. My dream prize would be a 9″ android tablet 🙂

  54. Beth Gallinger says

    Within the realm of possibility, my dream prize would be an Amazon gift card.

  55. my dream prize would be an amazon gift card…at least enough to buy thousands of books!The perfect gift…couldn’t really get any better!

  56. My dream prize would be the chance to sit down with some of the authors that I admire and respect the most.

  57. Barrie/books4me says

    My dream prize would be a $200 amazon gift card!

  58. Kimberly B. says

    My dream prize would be a trip to Turkey . . .but for a more practical suggestion, how about a VISA gift card?

  59. Mini ipad

  60. I love cash and/or gift card prizes.

  61. I would love a giant GC to Amazon so I can feed my book addiction!

  62. Jonah W. says

    My dream prize would be a book deal and a week long trip to New York City to meet with my editor, publist, book cover designer, etc.

  63. Diane Sallans says

    I’d love to win an eReader!

  64. martha lawson says

    Gift cards are always welcome!! An ipad would be good .

  65. Christine says

    My dream prize is either a Kindle or Amazon gift cards! 😀

  66. My dream prize would be a trip to the Keys with my hubby and my yorkie. Thank you so much for the chance!

  67. My dream prize would be an iPad. I’ve got dreams of one day being able to access the internet while at conventions without having to drag my laptop everywhere I go. 🙂

    As for the ebook: I’d love to try The Masked Heart by Karla Darcy. I will admit to being intrigued by the Jane Austen theme that this series is centered around.

  68. My dream prize would be a laptop or tablet.

  69. My dream prize would be… A motorized wheelchair… Sounds silly I know. But I’d really like one. It could change my life and it’s totally practical for me. I’m not interested in big holidays or thousands of pounds. Would love just this one thing, because that could change my life for many years to come. I’d be able to go out again (once I get over my Agoraphobia), I’d be able to use it to get around in my own home. That, to me, is my perfect prize… We can but dream ey?

  70. As for a viable option… I’d say things like tablets are great to go for. It’s not brand specific when it comes to reading ebooks especially, where as a Kindle is Kindle specific, Nook for Nook and so on. At least with tablets, like the iPad mini, you can use them for everything.

    Other giveaways people are interested in is Gift Cards, especially for places like Amazon. Because they can use them for not only books, but many things.

    There are signed swag giveaways, signed merchandise is amazing and seems to go down really well with participants. You can have signed merchandise for books, author specific merchandise, even movies or tv programs that are based on books. For example an Author could sign a movie poster and so on.

    Offering up an advertising space on your site is always something that a lot of people will be interested in. Likewise advertising space in your magazine. All sorts of people with book related things could enter for those so it’d really open up the overall “reach” of the promo.

    Just a few ideas. I’ll have a think and see if I can come up with something else…

  71. My dream prize would be a 1968 Camaro.

    That aside, a new Dell laptop would be nice.

  72. My dream prize would be a house, but I don’t think that you would be able to get me that 😉
    But the iPad Mini sounds awesome too 😀

  73. My dream prize is a Macbook ’cause I’ve been wanting to get into design and it’s the computer of choice of many graphic designers I know. 😛 Since Macs are a bit expensive next on my list is an iPad (or iPad mini) because it’s great for storing ebooks of all formats and for net browsing, etc. I already have an iPad but I would love one for my sister.

  74. My dream prize would be a Macbook Air!

  75. Judith R. says

    My dream prize is an Amazon.com gift card – to buy lots of books.

  76. A new kitchen!

  77. TIFFANY M says


  78. Livrada Gift Cards, so you can offer a specific ebook as a prize, but it would be valid for both Amazon, B&N and Kobo ebookstores!

  79. Priscilla says

    My dream prize would be an iPad mini or a few hundred to amazon!

  80. Beverly DeeAnjello says

    I love gift cards to purchase the books I’ve been needing to add to my TBR pile.

  81. my dream prize would be a nice e-reader… 🙂

  82. Kat McCarthy says

    Thanks for everything you do now! you guys are awesome! My dream prize would be an all expenses paid vacate, however, I love the prizes you give away now. reading gadgets and gift cards. So my recommendation would be offer more of them.

  83. Barbara Tobey says

    “Black Jasmine” by Toby Neal would be one of my ebook selections. “Shadow Cay” and “Don’t Know Jack are two others that look interesting. An iPad mini would be fun to have or gift card. My genre of choice is romantic suspense with an occasional more hard core thriller/mystery.

  84. Renata S says

    Amazon Gift Cards are great, because I can use them for everything. Apple products and e-readers are dream prizes (I’m dying to try a Nook). And gift cards to Barnes and Noble are great also.
    Gift cards to fancy hotels are dream prizes as well.

  85. Suzanne Lucero says

    A laptop would be great, preloaded with whichever program is best for writing so I don’t have to sit at the family computer (which is in the living room) to finish writing my book. (Well, you asked.) Short of that, Amazon gift cards in larger denominatons would go over nicely.

  86. How about a fancy bookcase to hold all of our treasures?

  87. My dream prize is paypal cash

  88. Kathy Apa says

    my dream prize would be a trip to any where , so I could read away without ANY INTERRUPTIONS

  89. My dream prize would be an ebook reader & free ebooks for life.
    Honestly tho, gift cards and/or paypal cash works best for most people including us international readers.

    I just finished reading Karla Darcy’s The Five Kisses & quite enjoyed it. I’d love to read more of her books.

  90. 100 copies of my book printed and shipped to me

  91. Victoria Zumbrum says

    My dream prize would be a laptop.

  92. Beverly H says

    My dream prize would be a Kindle fire and a large gift card to Amazon.

  93. I don’t think you can go amiss with an iPad mini or an Amazon gift card (especially with this particular audience), but other things that come to mind are kitchen appliances (KitchenAid, BlendTec blender, etc.) or something that people talk about getting to improve themselves but never seem to find the money or time for–Rosetta Stone, perhaps?

  94. I’d be pretty excited about the ipad mini!

  95. My dream prize would be to own the first edition to every novel out there. Who wouldn’t want that? 🙂

  96. Karen Marino says

    Well being the total book nerd that I am – I’d love to meet one of my favorite authors. Most don’t come to Wisconsin so a trip to one of their meet and greets with the opportunity to get a autographed copy of their book would be a thrill.

    • Karen Marino says

      Oh, and I know you’re way past fifty but Cracks in the Sidewalk by Betty Lee Crosby would be my pick.

  97. My dream prize would be a gift card of at least $500 to the store of choice or paypal 🙂 A high end laptop would be great also though 🙂

  98. I would love and all expense paid tour of Europe with spending money.

  99. I would like a macbook

  100. My dream prize is a never-ending supply of books and an “e-reader” would be nice too!

  101. Delphina says

    My dream prize is a subscription to audibles and and ipod to listen to the books with!

  102. My dream prize is either an iPad (or iPad mini) or bookstore gift cards. Can’t have too many books! Oh I wouldn’t mind a Kindle Paperwhite either 🙂

  103. My dream prize would be an amazon gift card in the amount of an Ipad Mini.

  104. Since this is about books…why not books? Some new Indie author books? Heck, I would be tickled to open an email that said “Gracey, here are (enter quantity here) ebooks or books coming out soon, have a first read!”

  105. Linda Kish says

    My dream prize would be a vacation to Hawaii.

  106. Wow, what a great question! I think anything from a $5 GC to electronics, to a trip would be amazing! I think my ultimate prize to win would be an all expense paid trip…to anywhere! Even for a weekend! Although, I have to admit, this giveaway for an iPad is way awesome!!!! I can only imagine winning!

  107. Dream prize, surprise me 🙂

  108. signed first editions of the hunger games trilogy!

  109. The iPad mini!

  110. My dream prize would be an ipad.

  111. Kim Perry says

    My dream prize would be an iPad. I also love Amazon gift cards!!
    The book of my choice would be Fall for Me by Syndey Landon.

  112. Allison lane-Motherway says

    My dream prize would be lap tops or iPads for my 2 kids and a gift card for me to buy many books.

  113. Becki Wyer says

    I’d love to win the iPad mini, but gift cards are another good choice.

    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  114. My dream prize would be an Amazon gift card for $200 to $300.

  115. My dream prize would be a Macbook Pro

  116. My dream prize would be a pony. A more realistic dream prize would be an ipad

  117. Hmm my dream prize at the moment would be an iPad! 🙂

  118. Mary Preston says

    My ultimate dream prize is an eco-house!!

    Happy to win anything really.

  119. Veronica says

    Ideally I would love to win some type of e-reader. I also really like giftcards so we can choose our prizes. But my favourite are physical copies of books (especially if signed).

  120. My dream prize would be an ipad. The retina screen is too cool

  121. SHELLEY S says


  122. My dream prize would be …..well books! Hundred books from my TBR list would be my dream prize.

  123. Margaret Jones says

    My dream prize would be a kindle fire hd (the 8.9 inch)!

  124. My dream prize? The ipad of course! It’s been on my wishlist for a long time now.

  125. My dream prize would be any gadget. I love gadgets 🙂

  126. H. @ChocolateVamp says

    My dream prize would be a fantabulous (or so I’ve heard) iPad. Yaye, Apple technology. Thanks for hosting the contest! #bloglove

  127. Marsha B. says

    An iPad is still good since they are spendy… nicer way for poor folk like myself to obtain one! 🙂 Although an iPhone would be nice too!

  128. Rhonda Grisham says

    I would love an ipad mini 🙂

  129. bones of the earth looks good – i think theres way more than 50 entries already though, thanks for the opportunity!
    i go many places in books, travel, adventure, love, sorrow –

    authors are special people –

  130. Hmmmm….my dream prize….I would love the IPod mini. I’ve never thought much about a prize since I never ever win anything. A sizable gift card to Amazon would be great too!

  131. cassie polla says

    Books, books, and more books!

  132. Send me to Vegas for a spa/shopping weekend . . . *sighs*

  133. Would like a kindle fire. The I pads are nice as well… Or a shopping spree for books…

  134. I’d love to own a Dodge Viper

  135. Penelope C says

    My dream prize is an ipad!

  136. Jennifer Crawford says

    My dream prize(s): iPad or gift cards to Amazon!

  137. I would have to say that my dream prize would be money to pay off my college loans. 🙂

  138. An iPod would be great.

  139. My dream prize is a Macbook Pro

  140. Hannah M says

    My dream prize would be a cruise for 5 (My family size) to anywhere. Not picky, I just want a cruise!!! 🙂

  141. My dream prize would be a shopping spree anywhere!

  142. Weekend getaway with spa package or regular sized iPad.

  143. My dream prize would be a water tank with a small hot water heater and a new addition to the cabin so I could have a place to bathe at the cabin and do my dishes without heating it on the stove! (Alaska dry cabin) barring that, an iPad or a Macbook Pro

  144. antonioelbarto says

    cash 🙂

  145. EleanorMayC says

    Well I’m looking into an ipad at the moment, so I’d be pretty happy with this prize!! I’d love to have a kitchen refurb for our new little house, or a day package at a favourite nearby spa for my lovely mother, who deserves one of these treats!

  146. Margo Jantzi says

    Our dream prize would be an Amazon gift card so I could pre-order the new titles that our elementary library students are requesting. It would bring them so much joy to have the latest books in their favorite series.

  147. My dream prize would be a MacBook.

  148. I know it’s past the 50, but, my dream prize would be a new laptop! A Macbook of some sort probably, but the ipad mini is an awesome gift! Or a $200 gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon or iTunes!

  149. Melinda Dartmann says

    For me it would be a full size tablet, a 9 or 10 inch.

  150. My dream prize would be an ipad.

  151. New wardrobe! 😀

  152. My dream prize would be the full Black Dagger Brotherhood series in a lovely gift-box with a few extras in it. 🙂

  153. CherylS22 says

    My dream prize would be an Amazon Kindle & an Amazon GC to purchase some e-books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. My dream prize is a laptop or desktop.

  155. Ipad

  156. I like gift cards.

  157. My dream prize would be a gaming laptop.

  158. My dream prize would be for a publishing house to give me a contract to publish my own book, that would seriously be the ultimate… hey since this is a dream prize, i can dream cant i?! 😉

  159. My dream prize- a Jeep Rubicon 10th anniversary edition!

  160. Bonnie Hilligoss says

    I like the idea of a gift basket or surprise box with GC’s, chocolate, books, swag, etc. My unatainable dream prize would be a cruise around the world before I die. Thank you for the very generous giveaway!

  161. Becky Richied says

    My dream prize would be a trip to Las Vegas, I so need to get away, since getting a tad better healthwise, I have wanted to get out and travel instead of staring at these four walls but I haven’t achieved that goal yet, financially things suck…LOL so bring on Vegas Bayyyybeeeeeee!!! LOL 🙂

  162. Well now that this is closed GOOD LUCK EVERYONE & I have my fingers crossed 😀


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