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Good news for readers!

Your favorite bestselling authors have been burning up their keyboards to bring you more of the books you love. Since the beginning of 2019, we’ve brought you a whack of new titles to enjoy, with more to come before the summer’s heat.

Like what? Read on …


M.L. Doyle will release The Bonding Blade this summer. The follow-up to The Bonding Spell, the bestselling supernatural thriller that features Inanna, the Mesopotamian goddess of love, sex and war, in a world-risking struggle against Hecate, goddess of witches. This story goes back far in time to determine the source of the spell that binds Inanna to Hester, her 21st-century vessel, and Hester’s closest friends to her.

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The third volume in Alan McDermott’s Eva Driscoll Thriller series, Fight to Survive, will be on Amazon’s electronic shelves on June 20, 2019. Eva Driscoll needs all her formidable skills for a mission that forces her to cooperate with an organization she had sworn to destroy.

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Rainy Night to Die, is the second ini the Quiet Assassin series by longtime bestseller Caleb Pirtle III. In this tight, fast-paced book, Roland Sand, the Quiet Assassin, is sent to Ukraine. His mission is to rescue a lounge singer who’s been passing Russian secrets back to MI-6 in Britain. He has 24 hours to get her out before the ship waiting to take them away from danger leaves without either of them. And before relentless Russian agents kill them both.


Caleb Pirtle is one of the most prolific of BestSelling Reads authors. In addition to Rainy Night to Die, he has also published the second in his historical Boomtown Saga mysteries series.

In Bad Side of a Wicked Moon: The Boomtown Saga, Book Two, it’s up to the town’s most beautiful and richest widow to save an innocent man from being convicted of a murder he didn’t commit.

The Hilo Bay Mystery Collection by J.L. Oakley, comprising Coconut Island, Volcano House and Hilina Pali, is now available for pre-order. The e-book version of the complete mystery adventures of the retired Auntie Bee Takahashi and her niece, hard-nosed investigative reporter Tawnie Takahashi, on Hawai’i’s Big Island will be live on Amazon on April 13. The paperback will be available in May.

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The prolific and terrific Toby Neal will release Wired Truth, the tenth Paradise Crime volume, on April 30. In this adventure, Sophie Ang faces an adversary whose skills match her own. Meanwhile, events far away threaten the fragile happiness she has built.

Visit Toby’s website to find out how you can pre-order your copy today.

In fact, Toby’s pace for the past several years makes many of us breathless. Last December, she published the first volume in her memoirs, Freckled, in the same year that she published the previous three books in the Paradise Crime series, and boxed sets of the first six books. She also published boxed sets of the Scorch Series, co-written with Emily Kimelman.


You may be tempted to describe Torino Dreams by DelSheree Gladden as a romance story about a highly stressed lawyer and a beautiful mechanic. Kate can fix the damage to Sam’s car—after all, she caused it—but she has a lot of secrets that put her at risk if she falls for a lawyer.

As one reviewer says, it starts with a “romantic swoony vibe,” but then kicks into overdrive with suspense and mystery.

Sydney Landon has released the eighth book in the Pierced/Lucian & Lia series of sizzling-hot romances. Marco is the story of a man who has never fallen in love with any of the women he’s been with. But when he meets Nina Gavino, he realizes that he cannot live without her.

The problem: she’s not impressed with his charm, even before she learns he killed her stepfather and stepbrother.

Samreen Ahsan is about to publish the second part of her time-travel historical romance, Once Upon a [Fallen] Time, book 2 of the [Stolen] series and the sequel to Once Upon a [Stolen] Time.

The tortured Edward Hue, the last king in the cursed dynasty, is in deeper anguish over the woman he loves when he discovers which woman his father has chosen for him to marry.

The bestselling and prolific Raine Thomas will release the fourth book in the House of Archer rock’n’roll/reality TV romance series.

In Beautiful Finale, Lily, Archer, and the rest of The Void rock band continue their journey towards fame and fortune…but are they prepared to pay the price it will bring?

Visit Raine Thomas’s website to find out when and where to pre-order Beautiful Finale.

Contemporary literature

Scott Bury will publish the Eastern Front trilogy as a single-volume e-book, comprising Army of Worn Soles, Under the Nazi Heel and Walking Out of War. The paperback version will follow soon after. It’s the true story of a Canadian drafted into the Soviet Red Army during the Second World War.


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