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William stepped into the parking garage from the elevators and, with a glance, confirmed the presence of the Barrys’ vehicles. Though it was possible they had gone off somewhere on foot, he doubted it, having seen Chris and Dave arrive less than an hour earlier toting a couple of grocery bags. In addition, as he had learned the previous evening, Dave was still recuperating from his injuries and not yet likely to walk the distance even to the closest eatery several blocks away.

Stepping out into the chill evening by a side door, he proceeded to walk toward the back of the building, expecting the grounds to be deserted but not leaving anything to chance. As he went, he reflected on the events of the last few days, pleased with the progress he had made in so little time which had led to spending several rather pleasant hours solidifying his new friendship with Barry and McCall. He had yet to determine when and how he would bring his brilliant charade to an end but he knew it would be much more satisfying than anonymously pulling a trigger from a safe distance like a cowardly sniper.

He walked at a brisk pace and was soon approaching the front of the building on the other side, content that his neighbours were all tucked in the warmth and comfort of their homes, enjoying their long weekend and minding their own business. He scanned the visitors’ parking lot as it came into view, noting a handful of vehicles, all of which had been there a couple of hours earlier when he had last checked. Satisfied with the absence of any witnesses, he strolled the short distance across the lawn to the copse of trees which had offered him the needed cover when he had attempted to eliminate Jonathan four days earlier.

“Good, you’re here,” he said in way of greeting to the beefy young man who stood in the shadows of the evergreens. “I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“You said seven,” the man growled as he glanced at his phone before pocketing it. “I been freezing my ass for twenty minutes.”

“Get yourself a better coat next time,” William replied, unimpressed.

“If you’re trying to motivate me by pissing me off, it’s working,” the man warned. “So, are you serious? We’re doing this?”

“I wouldn’t be here otherwise,” said William, gazing toward the street below the incline. “That’s your car?”

“Yeah, ready to go as soon as I’m done,” the thug confirmed. “You owe me another two-fifty.”

William pulled his hand out of his jacket pocket and held out a wad of bills. “Now you can buy that coat I suggested.”

The young hood grinned this time as he stuffed the cash into his jeans.

“You’re funny, I gotta admit,” he said before driving a meaty fist at William, clocking him solidly in the jaw.

William’s eyes glazed and his knees buckled but he managed to stay on his feet. “Again.”

“You’re da boss,” the man replied, lashing out and hitting William below the right eye.

As William began to keel over backward, his paid assailant grabbed the front of his jacket and pulled him upright. Holding him up with one hand, he backhanded William with the other then brought the now clenched fist back for another blow on the opposite cheek, this time drawing blood. He released his grip and William crumpled to the ground.

“Juss to make sure it looks real,” the thug muttered before kicking at William a few times, promising some decent bruises to the torso and thighs.

“Those are on the house. Pleasure doing business with ya,” said the man before trotting down to his waiting car.

What’s Getting Even about?

Doesn’t everyone fantasize a bit about vigilante justice? Haven’t you ever read or heard of some despicable act of violence and secretly wished you could have the opportunity to make the predator pay? Welcome to the VIGILANTE Series, a growing collection of suspense best sellers best described as thrillers and mysteries which will have you cheering for the assassin as justice is delivered in a clandestine fashion… But remember, this is fiction so it’s not a crime… Available in kindle and print books…

Book 12 of the VIGILANTE Series

Born of old money, attractive and well educated, philanthropist, William Enright had been the picture of the perfect socialite until his arrest and conviction as Montreal’s “Homeless Killer.”

After spending nine years in British Columbia’s maximum security Kent Institution, William succeeds in executing a masterful escape with only one purpose in mind…

Finding Captain Dave McCall and the others who sent him to hell and, getting even.

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About the author

CBouchardUSA today bestselling author Claude Bouchard was born in Montreal, Canada, at a very young age, where he still resides with his spouse, Joanne, under the watchful eye of Krystalle and Midnight, two black females of the feline persuasion. In a former life, he completed his studies at McGill University and worked in various management capacities for a handful of firms over countless years. From there, considering his extensive background in human resources and finance, it was a logical leap in his career path to stay home and write crime thrillers.

Read his full bio on his BestSellingReads Author page. And visit his:

And follow him on Twitter @ceebee308

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