Teaser Thursday: Thirteen to None


Book 8 in the Vigilante Series

By Claude Bouchard

It’s a new year and time for new things. Teaser Thursday is a new feature on BestSelling Reads where we’ll showcase a member’s book with an excerpt and sometimes a giveaway. This week we present new BestSelling Reads member author Claude Bouchard, author of the USA Today Bestselling Vigilante series.

ThirteenToNone As Nose approached the clearing, a house came into view and he could hear voices, likely female, though he couldn’t distinguish what they were saying. Creeping forward, he took cover behind some bushes and as he peered through the branches, he spotted two women, the same two he had seen cruise by on the boat. They were busy at the side of the house, covering some big and bulky object with a large tarpaulin.

Scanning the area, he saw no one else around and hoped these two lovely ladies were alone. He noticed a plane moored at the dock and grinned at the thought of going for a ride with the two women, getting it on in the air. If they were alone, it was likely that one or both were pilots and his fantasy could actually come true.

Deciding there was no time like the present, he stepped into the clearing and moved toward them across the lawn, approaching quickly but soundlessly from behind as they concentrated on their task.

“Good afternoon, ladies,” he said, his smile and friendly demeanour in contradiction with the pistol he held trained on them.

Startled, both women spun around and stared back at him in shock for a moment before one spoke.
“What the hell is this?” Sandy demanded. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Well, well,” Nose replied, his confidence fuelled by cocaine, single malt scotch and his gun. “Aren’t you a feisty one?”

“She’s not feisty,” Cathy snapped. “You come barging on our property pointing a gun at us. What do you expect? That we offer you a drink?”

Nose grinned. “Actually, a drink would be nice if you’re offering.”

“We’re not offering,” Cathy shot back, taking a step forward.

“Whoa, babe,” said Nose, stepping away and raising the gun. “Stay the f**k where you are.”

“What happens if she doesn’t?” Leslie asked from behind him. “Don’t move and drop the gun or I’ll hurt you real bad.”

Nose stiffened and became statue-like but held onto the gun.

“I know I spoke quickly and you’re probably slow,” said Leslie, “But I really need you to drop the gun right now if you don’t want me to hurt you.”

With his gun arm already extended, Nose suddenly spun around, ready to shoot and in the few seconds which followed, several things happened. First, Nose heard the high-pitched, whirring sound of an electric motor. As he completed his spin, he felt a severe flash of pain and saw his right forearm, from just below the elbow to the hand holding the gun, drop to the ground as blood spewed from his amputated limb. Last of all, he saw a gorgeous but clearly angry woman with flaming red hair, but he only saw her for a second before she slashed deeply into his chest with a battery-powered chainsaw and ended his life.

About Thirteen to None

An iron-fisted crime lord, Butch Kincaid demands an intense, high-risk pace from his men. When he introduces home invasion for death and destruction at his command, his crew is enthusiastic. Butch promises them the summer of a lifetime: multiple invasions, an orgy of terror, rape and murder.

Their first stop, the home of a retired couple in Brighton, Ontario, is a resounding success, as per their standards. Their next stop, several hundred miles away in Knowlton, Quebec, promised to be even more exciting… The home of an attractive and obviously affluent couple… The home of Sandy and Chris Barry.

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About the author

CBouchardBorn and raised in Montreal, Claude completed his studies at McGill University and held various management positions in the corporate jungle before turning to fiction writing full time in 2009. He has since published fourteen works, eleven of which are part of his bestselling Vigilante Series.

Visit his:

And follow him on Twitter @ceebee308

7 thoughts on “Teaser Thursday: Thirteen to None”
  1. Now that’s a teaser!! I think any home without iron bars on windows, on-site security (dogs or guards), high-tech locks and surveillance equipment is vulnerable. Since our home lacks most of those … fairly vulnerable here 😉

  2. I’m pleased to announce that all six commenters on Thursday’s teaser have been gifted a copy of Thirteen to None! Check your emails, folks, and thanks for playing along! 🙂

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