Teaser Thursday—The Legend: A Marienstadt Story


By Kathleen Valentine

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TheLegend-Marienstadt“Got us a new boarder,” Andy said, hanging up the phone, one morning when Kit came into the stable’s office. “The owner just called and said she talked to our vet and checked our references. Nice lady. She came by the other day and Giselle showed her around.”
“Good,” Kit said. “Are they bringing the horse over or should I go pick him up?”

“She’s riding him over this morning. I told her we could give her a ride home, but she said her husband would come for her.” Andy grinned a mischievous grin. “We’re in for a treat with this one. Ever seen a Friesian stallion?”

“No. What’s that?”

“One of the most beautiful breeds of horse that you’ll ever see. Black as coal, every one of them, and powerful. They’re an ancient breed of draft horses so they’re all muscle, but every one I’ve ever seen is as graceful and nimble as a show horse.”

Kit’s eyes widened. “No kidding?”

“Missus St. Clair said the horse was a gift from her husband. He’s some kind of big shot financier—worth a ton of money. She said they had a big place out in the country where she could take care of the horse herself, but her husband is selling it so they can move into the city. She didn’t sound real happy about that.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Because people have their heads up their asses.” Andy stood up and reached for his hat hanging on a wall rack. “It happens too damn often. A horse is a twenty-five to thirty year commitment. These people with more money than brains buy one because mommy and daddy didn’t let them have a pony when they were little, then a few years later they can’t be bothered. It pisses me off.” He shouldered into his jacket. “Giselle needs me out in the north pasture. Can I count on you to stick around here?”


“Her name is Amelia St. Clair. I’m sure you’ll be more charming than I am. She sounded upset. I’m not real good with upset women.”

Kit kept his amusement to himself as he watched Andy take the reins of the horse waiting for him, mount it, and ride off like a disgruntled old gunslinger tired of shooting people for their own good. An hour later Kit was crossing the driveway between the office and the house when he spotted a horse with rider galloping through the south pasture toward him. He stopped in his tracks and stared. There was no mistaking this creature—he had never seen anything like it. The horse was both powerful and graceful with an elegant neck and a long, thick mane that blew about in the wind like billowing smoke. Its deep black coat gleamed and long feathers puffed out around all four lower legs with each step. As horse and rider drew closer, the animal slowed to a beautiful, high-stepping trot. Kit looked up at the rider whose face was shaded by the brim of a dark fedora. He raised his hand in greeting.

About The Legend

The Legend continues the story of the Wilde family from The Christmas Daughter: A Marienstadt Story. Boone Wilde’s life is busy as he continues to run the hotel and tavern his parents started, raise his daughter, Charity, who is now fourteen, and romance Grace Winter. Then on a snowy winter morning his brother Kit returns to Marienstadt to enlists Boone’s help. Kit tells him about Sultan, a magnificent Friesian stallion, that was removed from the Kentucky horse stables where Kit works. Sultan belonged to a woman named Amelia and for three years she has been searching for him. With the help of a motorcycle club called Durga’s Dogs, whose mission it is to rescue fight dogs, Kit has a lead to Sultan’s whereabouts, but he has to hurry before the horse is sent to slaughter. This is a story about failure, last chances, redemption, and the love between brothers.

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About the author

KV-300pxKathleen Valentine was born and grew up in the Allegheny Highlands of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Penn State with a degree in The Arts and worked for over twenty years in the art/marketing departments of high-tech corporations. Since 2003 she has run her own design business, Valentine-Design.com. She is the author of “Fry Bacon. Add Onions”, a cookbook/memoir of growing up, Pennsylvania Dutch, as well as 4 novels, several novelettes and short story collections, and knitting instruction books. She has been listed as an Amazon Top 100 Author in Horror. Her novellas, The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic and Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter were Amazon Top Ten Best Sellers in Horror and Ghost Stories for over 20 weeks.

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18 thoughts on “Teaser Thursday—The Legend: A Marienstadt Story”
  1. It’s hard to imagine a horse more beautiful than Sulton, but growing up I was in love with Little Joe’s pinto on Bonanza! It’s difficult to get over your first love…

  2. Sulton’s are beautiful. I’ll never forget my first horse, Golden King Wilson the III, Goldie for short, A Tennessee Walker.

  3. I’m in love with every book in this series! And just for the record….my favorite TV horse was Ben Cartwrights.

  4. My favorite horse is Vic. When I was with him, my disability didn’t matter. When I was in the saddle, he was always very careful. Vic knew it was mom and you could see him relax. I was able to get back in the show ring with him as well. Vic was my once in a lifetime horse and I cherish every memory with him. It broke my heart when we had to put him down August 2014. ? I haven’t ridden since.

    1. Jennifer, if you have a disability I think you would appreciate this story. Amelia wants to have her horse farm offer therapeutic riding for people with PTSD and disabilities. Horses are wonderful for that.

  5. I guess the first horse I remember was Trigger. Always wanted to ride him and meet Roy Rodgers.
    Love reading your books Kathleen. Especially since I was born in St. Marys also and can relate to a lot of places and names you write about.
    Keep up the good work.

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