Teaser Thursday: Ashlynn’s Dreams


By Julie Gilbert

AshLynnsDreamsCoverI had another one of those weird dreams where I can hear a conversation I know I shouldn’t be able to. Sometimes I fight these dreams by pushing ’em back and pretending I never heard ’em. It ain’t normal to hear things while you’re sleeping. Only Nana and Dr. S. know it ever happens, but I trust ’em both not to blab it across the world. If we told most doctors, they’d probably wanna study me or something. It’s our secret. I had to tell someone, so this ought to do the trick.

Oh, I suppose Danielle knows, too, but she wouldn’t say nothing to the wrong people. Daddy Three knows, too. Well, I’ll be a monkey’s kid cousin; a lot of people know my secret.

Don’t fret. Don’t fret. No threat means don’t worry yet. Nana said that so it must be true.


“Shut up; no names!” snapped another man, obviously Darren.

I recognized his voice as that of the first man who kidnapped me.

“You want the little freak to wake up and come hunting you down someday?” demanded Darren.

“You’ve been watching way too many movies, man. That stuff I gave her would take down an angry pit bull.”

“You don’t know these kids like I do,” Darren muttered. “Freaks, all of them.”

“I thought you said we only wanted the little kid. I don’t like this complication. The—”

“You saw how the kid reacted,” Darren replied. His voice sounded quiet but mean, like a coiled spring fixing to take someone’s eye out. “Besides, kidnapping and murder will draw just as much attention as a double kidnapping. This way, at least the boss can put his own spin on it. He can kill the other girl later if he wants, but it’s a lot harder to undo a murder.”

The two men fell quiet.

“Aw, stop it. You’re like an old, worrying woman,” Darren said, breaking the brief silence. “We’re getting paid well enough, aren’t we?”

“Money’s one thing, but I didn’t sign on to snatch kids.”

“Think of her as an overgrown lab rat,” Darren said soothingly. “The experiment failed, and we’re here to clean up the mess.”

“Clean up? As in kill?”

That’s all of the conversation I remember. Only hearing part of the conversation is probably the most frustrating part of the dreams. Overall, it’s a pretty useless skill to have, though I must say I’ve probably overhead more Christmas and birthday gifts than anyone else in the world. The downside is that anytime I say something I’m not supposed to know Momma just thinks I’ve been eavesdropping on her. I guess she’s right, but subconscious eavesdropping don’t count. Dr. S. says I ought to tell Momma about the dreams, but she don’t know Momma like I do. Momma would probably bust a button if she knew.

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About Ashlynn’s Dreams (Devya’s Children Book 1)

Twelve-year-old Jillian Blairington is just an ordinary girl—bright, brave, and sometimes a bit too headstrong for her own good. She never thought she was particularly special or different than anybody else.

She was wrong.

Everything changes the day she and her babysitter, Danielle, are kidnapped and taken to a secret scientific facility. There Jillian learns she has a new name, Ashlynn, and a strange connection to the other children at the lab. They each have powerful abilities, Gifts that Jillian doesn’t quite understand. As if that wasn’t enough to absorb, Jillian discovers she has a Gift of her own—the power to enter other people’s dreams.

Jillian’s task seems simple enough: the scientists want her to use her ability to find another Gifted child who has disappeared. But the longer Jillian stays in the facility, the more she realizes that nothing is as it seems … and everybody has secrets. Besides, the boy’s life is not the only one at stake. The scientists will stop at nothing to force Jillian’s cooperation, even if that means threatening Danielle.

Jillian knows they have to get free. But after all they’ve seen, will they ever truly escape?

About the author

Julie Gilbert 2013Teaching and writing make up about 90% of my life. The other smidgen would probably be split between Legos, Star Wars collecting, and drinking decaf coffee or a strong peppermint tea. I might also be a candy addict. I occasionally do puzzles, but crossword puzzles bore me. I’m more of a word search gal because there’s always a chance of winning those.

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And follow her on Twitter: @authorgilbert or @jilliananddeli.



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