New book announcement: Wired Courage


The 9th book in the bestselling Paradise Crime series launches today.

By Toby Neal

Paradise is stalked by a relentless evil.

What would you do if your family was threatened?

Sophie just wants to settle down with her unusual family—but a powerful presence sweeps in to steal her joy. At her most vulnerable physically and emotionally, Sophie must rise up to hunt down those who would take what’s most precious to her. The boundaries of love and friendship are tested as the men in her life grapple with their roles, each trying to help—but in the end, it’s Sophie who must face the darkness from her past and vanquish it.

Now available from all major e-tailers

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Toby Neal

grew up on the island of Kaua`i in Hawaii. A mental health therapist, Toby’s career that has informed the depth and complexity of the characters in her mystery, thriller and romance books.

She writes fast-paced, character-driven stories set in wonderful places. “No one can read just one!” exclaims one fan.

Outside of work and writing, Toby volunteers in a nonprofit for children and enjoys life through beach walking, body boarding, scuba diving, photography, and hiking.

 Visit her on her:

Thursday thriller: Wired Secret


Read to the end of this teaser from the seventh thriller in the Paradise Crime series to find out how you could win a paperback signed by the author.

By Toby Neal

Wired Secret, fourth thriller in the Paradise Crime series by Toby NealSometimes justice wasn’t fair.

Security specialist Sophie Ang stared with dislike at the twitchy blonde woman on the bed in the jail’s infirmary. Holly Rayme’s gaunt face was blotchy with the green and yellow of fading bruising.

“I am in hell.” Rayme picked at a scab on the back of her hand as she addressed Sophie, Detective Kamani Freitan, and Hazel Matsue, a U.S. Marshal brought in to interview her for inclusion in the national Witness Protection Program. “You have to get me out of here.”

“Things could actually be a lot worse.” Freitan said. The tall, voluptuous mixed Hawaiian woman exuded volatility. Ancient Hawaiian chieftesses had accompanied their men into battle, and in another age, Freitan would have been perfectly in character carrying a club ringed with sharks’ teeth instead of the police issue Glock she currently wore. “You’ve been hiding out in a soft bed in the infirmary. Got your own TV, even.”

“I had to go through detox this week in this supposed comfy bed with my own TV. You think that wasn’t hell?”

“You drug, you lose. And it would have been a lot worse out in gen pop. You’ve had protection outside your door 24/7. But if that protection is going to continue, we need to know we have your full cooperation.”

Rayme’s watery blue eyes blinked. “You don’t give a shit about me. I get that, loud and clear.”

“You made your living robbing and extorting people. And now you’re going to get out of jail,” Freitan said. “I don’t have to like that. Or you.”

“We know you’ve been through a hard time, Holly.” Sophie stepped forward to try to defuse the tension as Matsue looked on, arms folded. “But you had medical support, and you’re through the worst of detox. You’re fortunate. Ms. Matsue here is willing to take you into protective custody, provide you with a new identity, and relocate you until you can testify.”

“Yes. I’m here to interview you, do your intake, and explain the program.” Matsue was a slender woman with a triangular face. Though she wore black pants, a white shirt and a shiny gold Marshal’s badge, Matsue had an innate style that set her apart, conveyed by deep red lipstick and an angular, asymmetrical bobbed haircut. She would have looked completely at home in Paris or Madrid rather than in the dingy jail infirmary with its bloom of ceiling mold and lingering smell of Lysol. “Do you understand why you’ve been referred to the Witness Protection program, Ms. Rayme? And that you must comply with our procedures and directives? The U.S. Marshals Service has a one hundred percent success rate in protecting its clients if they follow WITSEC directions and protocols.”

“All this ‘special treatment’ is because I’ll be testifying against the Changs and helping you bring down a crime family. But I don’t see that I have much choice,” Rayme grumbled. “I know I’m lucky to be alive. My boyfriend Jimmy isn’t.”


Win signed paperbacks

Are you enjoying this thriller excerpt? It’s just a taste of the author’s output.

Toby Neal will give away a signed paperback copy to one reader. Get the details on how to enter on her Facebook page.


Jim Webb and Holly Rayme had been involved in an investigation Sophie had just completed that had resulted in the apprehension of the Chang family’s sadistic enforcer, Akane Chang. Holly’s boyfriend had not survived an assassination attempt in the general population of the jail once the couple’s importance as witnesses became evident, and Holly had barely survived her own attack.

“Can I turn this prisoner over to your custody?” Freitan asked Matsue. “I’ve got work to do.”

“I have some paperwork for Ms. Rayme to fill out and forms for you to sign.” Matsue handed paperwork on a clipboard to Rayme. “Once it’s done, we can process her out of here.” Matsue turned to address Sophie. “You’ve been a part of this team since I got here, but I’m unclear on your role, Ms. Ang.”

“I work for a private firm, Security Solutions.” Sophie’s ongoing attachment to the case had been a new development. She and her partner Jake Dunn had wrapped up their contract to find a missing girl, and she’d tried to resume the vacation and hiking trip for which she’d come to the Big Island. Only days later, she’d been contacted by her employer to assist in security and support for Holly Rayme. “The families of Akane Chang’s victims contracted with Security Solutions to pay for my services to support regular law enforcement.”

“The U.S. Marshals Service does not work with private entities,” Matsue said frostily.

“You want to work with this chick,” Freitan said. “She’s former FBI and a computer wizardess. Can’t hurt to have her in your back pocket.”

“And she’s a badass bitch with a mean left hook,” Rayme volunteered. “I happen to know. She and her partner were the ones to find out our part in the hustle we did with Akane Chang. And the only reason I’m saying anything nice is because her partner adopted our dog, and she can help keep me alive.”

Endorsement by these two unlikely allies almost made Sophie smile.

About the thriller, Wired Secret

What would you do if you were a killer’s loose end?

Palm trees, volcanoes, and black sand beaches are the backdrop for murder as security specialist Sophie Ang, and her dog Ginger, are swept up in a multi-layered case on the Big Island of Hawaii working with a US Marshal to protect an important witness. A ghost from Sophie’s past returns to haunt her, and a love triangle tears at her heart. Sophie will need all of her friends, lovers, tech-savvy, and skills to stay alive…and that’s just her day job.

“Toby Neal once again demonstrates her ability to weave a tale so compelling that the reader feels they are a part of the book.”—F. M. Pepoon, Amazon reviewer

Get Wired Secret, the seventh in the Paradise Crime thriller series, exclusively on Amazon.

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Toby Neal

grew up on the island of Kaua`i in Hawaii. A mental health therapist, Toby’s career that has informed the depth and complexity of the characters in her mystery, thriller and romance books.

She writes fast-paced, character-driven stories set in wonderful places. “No one can read just one!” exclaims one fan.

Outside of work and writing, Toby volunteers in a nonprofit for children and enjoys life through beach walking, body boarding, scuba diving, photography, and hiking.

 Visit her on her:



Monday musings: Amazon cancels the Kindle World program


Kindle Worlds cancelled Many readers have heard that Amazon has canceled the Kindle Worlds program. Since May, Amazon has not been accepting new Kindle World titles, and all the books in all Kindle Worlds will no longer be available for sale after July 15. And then, all rights revert back to the authors of the books—except for some.

Wait—what’s a Kindle World again?

Kindle Worlds are—or were—managed, policed fan fiction. Amazon selected successful series where readers wanted more titles than the author could write in a timely way. The program allowed other authors to write short works based on the situations, settings and characters of those bestselling series. For instance, I wrote four books based on the characters and setting of Toby Neal’s Lei Crime series.

This program benefitted everyone involved. Readers got more stories in the series they loved. The original authors of those series got more connections to their audiences, and a shared of the sales of the new books. And the authors who wrote in other writers’ series got exposure to new audiences, as well as established audiences for the books they wrote in the Kindle Worlds.

It was a win-win-win-win situation. The fourth win is for Amazon, which got 15% of every sale.

Goodbye, new audiences

Half Moon Girls: A Lei Crime Kindle World novellaThis affects a number of BestSelling Reads authors. Both Toby Neal and former member Emily Kimelman have prominent Kindle Worlds based on their bestselling series, Lei Crime and Sydney Rye respectively. And several members have published Kindle Worlds titles:

  • Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman themselves both published books in each other’s Kindle World. Toby published Rough Road, bringing her Lei Texeira into Emily’s Sydney Rye world, and Emily published Warrior Dog about Toby’s Keiki the Rottweiler. Toby also wrote a book in Russell Blake’s JET Kindle World.
  • DelSheree Gladden wrote The Catalyst, bringing her Eliza Carlisle from The Instigator into the Sydney Rye Kindle World
  • J.L. Oakley has published four books in the Lei Crime Kindle World: Saddle Road, Coconut Island, Volcano House and Hilina Pali.
  • Corinne O’Flynn wrote a trilogy in the Lei Crime Kindle World: Half Moon Girls, Tell the Truth and Pay the Price.
  • Caleb Pirtle III puVolcano House: A Lei Crime Kindle World novellablished Lovely Night to Die in the Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World.
  • Scott Bury published in three Kindle World he was invited to: Jet: Stealth in Russell Blake’s JET Kindle World; The Wife Line and The Three-Way in the Sydney Rye Kindle World; and four books in the Lei Crime Kindle World: Torn Roots, Palm Trees & Snowflakes, Dead Man Lying and Echoes.

But wait! There’s more!

With the cancellation of the Kindle Worlds program, the rights for all the content of the books revert back to the authors of the individual titles. But there’s a complication. The works in the Kindle Worlds were based on the books published by bestselling authors. Which means the rights to their characters, situations, stories, and other elements revert to them.Lovely Night to Die: : A Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World novella

This causes some issues between the original authors and those who wrote Kindle World novellas. While the authors of the individual Kindle World books now have the rights to what they created, the original authors of the series at the core of the Kindle Worlds retain the rights to their characters and other elements.

Which raises a conflict: where exactly is the line between the respective authors’ rights in a (former) Kindle Word novella?

Why they dunnit

The concept of Kindle Worlds appeared to be a sure thing. Take existing, successful series and release new books for proven audiences. Minimal risk, more sales.

So apparently the sales were not good enough to sustain the program. The complications around copyright were probably also discouraging. Maybe that’s why Amazon never let Kindle World books be purchased beyond its U.S.-based .com site. And never allowed any formats other than .mobi-format for Kindles.

Dead Man Lying: A Lei Crime Kindle World novellaThat’s right: no paperbacks, no audiobooks. Readers in Canada, the U.K. or anywhere outside the U.S.—or, more precisely, anyone who had an Amazon account that did not end in .com—could not buy any of my Kindle World books.

The literary world evolves

With the cancellation of the Kindle Worlds, some authors actually have new opportunities. Those who republish their books, meeting the requirements of copyright, can bring these words to global audiences in any format they wish. For many, it’s an opportunity to open up new worlds to new audiences.

What it means overall is that the world of the written word continues to evolve. And for readers, that’s all good.


Thursday teaser: the new book, Wired Justice


Instead of an #excerpt, for this week’s teaser 

By Toby Neal

tells us about her new book, the sixth Paradise Crime novel, Wired Justice.

Another story is out in the world, and readers get to join me on the journey I’ve been on alone in my writing cave.

And what a wild ride it’s been!

Sophie Ang is on a journey to heal herself and discover who is in the wake of a disastrous first marriage. The raw, rugged, primordial and stunning landscape of the Big Island of Hawaii is a metaphor and companion for Sophie’s quest. I love the Big Island and all its amazing topography and contrasts. Many of the hikes and activities she undertakes in the book, including the hike to see the lava flow into the sea that’s the opening scene, are ones I’ve done personally.

Sophie is drawn into the mystery of this story by Ginger, her yellow Labrador, who is the perfect sidekick in many ways: Ginger is friendly, impetuous, curious and instinct-driven, the opposite of Sophie’s cautious, thoughtful deliberation and physical bravery.

The story is fast-paced and shared between Sophie and Jake Dunn’s point of views. Jake is one of three contenders for Sophie’s heart, and he grows tremendously in this book. Readers get to see the heart behind the muscles of a character that’s plagued Sophie with a combination of irritation and attraction since the day he knocked loudly on her door and met her full-body check-out and the opening line, “They didn’t tell me you were hot.”

The romance angle of the Paradise Crime Series is a major subplot. Sophie needs to figure out what kind of future she wants before she can choose a partner from the interesting choices she has. In this story, we really get to know Jake Dunn, why he is the way he is, and why he’s fallen so hard for Sophie.

Each man who loves Sophie (and there are three, yes, THREE) represents a different future path for her. Sophie is trying, through the events of the books, to discover which path is really right for her.

Aren’t we all trying to create a future we really want? Shouldn’t we all spend some time really considering our hopes and dreams, and the current path we are on?

Many of us let our early lives dictate our life path. We react to the things that happen early on and set us on a course, and never pause to consider if that course is really congruent with our deepest longings.

If you are reading these books, and the Lei Crime Series too, you are getting a mini-course in the process of healing from a rough past and charting a positive future, through the vehicle of an entertaining read. Yep, I am a mental health therapist interested in growth and change, and that permeates my writing!

Ask yourself today: What do I really want?

You are never too old to change your life and reinvent yourself. This is a theme I explore over and over in my books, and it’s been true in my own life.

I wanted to be a writer making a living from my stories from the time I first learned to read at age four. But I spent a lot of years reacting to my early childhood, wanting a “normal” life, and in doing so, I set aside the passion and dream to write and built a life that seemed safer and met my need for conventional security.

At forty, with my children graduating from high school and having achieved all the milestones I thought would satisfy, I finally took a look at that flame of passion to tell my stories that had somehow survived all the years of college, childraising and full-time work.

I began writing and dreaming again, and holy smokes! It was like I’d tapped into the pent-up lava of the Big Island! Since 2006, I’ve written 35 books, and the 31st one is here today.

If you have a dream, spend some time with it. See your dream. Imagine it. Feel it, as if it’s already come true. Know it inside and out. And then, be amazed at how things come your way to make it happen. And when they do, stand up and walk through the door.

You’ll never be sorry for anything but the chances you didn’t take.

And in the meantime, check out the chances Sophie takes in Wired Justice.

About Wired Justice

Paradise hides too many bodies.

Sophie Ang’s lovable dog Ginger has a nose for murder, and leads her tech sleuth mistress through perilous lava fields on the Big Island to a terrible discovery. Sophie is plunged into a new investigation with dynamic partner Jake Dunn, searching for a missing young woman who is just one of many. Sparks fly between the two as they dig into layers of deception and darkness, rousing the attention of true evil.


Included with your preorder/first week of launch purchase is a download link to a free copy of Snake Skin, from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author CJ Lyons, the first in her award-winning Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller series!

Download your copy of Wired Justice now!

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About the author

Fast paced, character-driven stories set in wonderful places. “No one can read just one!”

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Toby Neal grew up on the island of Kaua`i in Hawaii. After a few “stretches of exile” to pursue education, the islands have been home for the last fifteen years.

Toby is a mental health therapist, a career that has informed the depth and complexity of the characters in her books.

Outside of work and writing, Toby volunteers in a nonprofit for children and enjoys life in Hawaii through beach walking, body boarding, scuba diving, photography, and hiking.

Visit her on:

And follow her on Twitter @TobywNeal.



Feed your need for great reads: New books from your favourite Bestselling authors


Your favorite BestSelling authors have been working hard to feed your hunger for great new books in every genre. Here are some of the latest releases over just the past two months to feed your need for great reading.


Barb Drozdowich has updated her Complete Mailing List Toolkit for 2018, with a free video course on using MailChimp and Mailerlite. This bundle of four books provides strategies for list building and step-by-step guidelines for creating content that turns readers into lifelong fans.

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Mystery, thriller and suspense

Toby Neal’s sixth Paradise Crime book, Wired Justice, hit the stands two days ago. Sophia Ang, her lovable dog Ginger and her dynamic partner Jake Dunn plunge into a new investigation to find a missing young woman—the latest in a string of disappearances.

Toby has also re-published the previous five Paradise Crime books with all new covers.

Available from

J.L. Oakley‘s Hilina Pali, her third Lei Crime Kindle World novella, brings back Auntie Bee Watanabe and her niece, ace crime reporter Wendy Watanabee. Auntie Bee receives mysterious clues pointing to an old injustice. Bee and Wendy team up with a local historian in a race against time to prevent another tragedy from happening at Hilina Pali.

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Cozy mystery

In DelSheree Gladden’s third Eliza Carlisle Mystery, Instigator, Eliza finds herself in a series of embarrassing, injurious and rat-filled situations, and a murder investigation.

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In A New Goddess, Autumn Birt ends the epic fantasy Games of Fire series with a struggle for power over the elements of magic, and over life and death on Earth.

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D.G. TorrensAbyss is a collection of thought-provoking poetry and prose. The words are like sutures, healing from the inside-out. Abyss takes the reader on a journey through loss, grief and rejection to healing.

Available on Amazon.


What to give the fantasy reader on your list? A BestSelling Read!


It’s getting to crunch time in the gift-buying season. What can you get the fantasy reader on your shopping list? A BestSelling Read, of course. And this it the perfect place to find great fantasy reads.

Samreen Ahsan

Samreen Ahsan’s award-winning A Prayer series is a romantic fantasy based on Islamic themes. Her new series, starting with Once Upon a [Stolen] Time, combines fantasy, science-fiction and time travel in a powerful love story that spans centuries.

Frederick Lee Brooke

The Drone Wars trilogy is a fast-paced, thrilling and chilling science-fiction series that peeks a few very short years into the future civil war that tears the United States apart.


Scott Bury

The Bones of the Earth breaks the mould of fantasy. Set in the real sixth-century Byzantine Empire, it tells the story of a young Sklavene named Javor who needs to find out how a dagger and amulet he inherited from his great-grandfather is connected to deep forces bent on erasing humanity from the face of the earth.

DelSheree Gladden

The Something Wicked This Way Comes series tells the story of young godlings finding their way in a world that doesn’t believe in them—and facing forces that want to destroy them,.

Her Twin Souls trilogy evokes Native American mythology in a reader-favorite series.

In the Aerling series, beings who are not ghosts depend on Olivia to guide them to their destiny.

DelSheree goes to the world of actual ghosts in her Ghost Host series, where poor Echo Simmons needs to learn what to do with the ghosts that haunt her YouTube channel.

Her Destroyer series tells the story of Libby, who’s person capable of destroying the world—so it’s no big surprise when she ends up with a Guardian blade at her throat.

Toby Neal

On the island of Lanai, teens from very different worlds must find a way to survive when all technology is destroyed, aided by a mysterious `aumakua dragon that may or may not be imaginary.


Raine Thomas

Raine Thomas

Raine Thomas has crafted several fantasy series. Each book in the Daughters of Saraquel series focuses on one sister who has to learn what it means to Become, and how to live on the Estilorian Plane.

The Firstborn trilogy traces the story of the descendants of Saraqael as they embark upon their own thrilling adventures and race against time to save the Estilorian plane…battling for love along the way

The Ascendant series are New Adult novels intended for audiences over 17 years. It tells how secret lovers Kyr and Ty must save the planet of Alametria, even while its inhabitants are trying to kill them.

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