Focus Friday: a preview of Broken Places


By Rachel Thompson


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BestSelling Reads is excited and proud to present a preview of Broken Places, the second in her Broken series (read her award-winning Broken Pieces first).

 “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” A Farewll to Arms,  Ernest Hemingway.






It’s what we notice after the fact that carries meaning, in the calm of the glowing moon.

My senses engaged, only you in my sight.

Your scent on my tongue.

Your words embedded in my heart.

Later, I’ll remember your head on my breast, a tender moment of peace inside the blur. Your seed inside me, staking your claim. Days later, months and years, I still carry you, cells merging souls.

Time replacing hope.

It’s only in the quiet spaces between our stars that I feel you now.

One night burning inside us, a memory we return to, an infinite weaving of thought and fiery touch.

What is this inexplicable distance we cross in our dreams?

It is those moments of dark silence that give us our truth – there’s no denying a love that has nothing to prove. It exists on its own.

Or passes us by.



Again, I fall.

But I can’t anymore. The pain intruding, surrounding me in that fleeting moment where the swift air stops so abruptly I cannot breathe…

Leaning into the words you weave softly, so softly.

Frightened I’ll miss the chance that never was.

Afraid I already have.

Sacrificing hope, I wear your love inside, pushed down deeply into that quiet space no man can see…

Because he doesn’t look.

You push me. You pull back. You want me, you walk away.

If you crave my heart, then own it!

Are you {not} man enough to try?

Well, then…it’s time for you to fall.

Copyright 2013, Rachel Thompson. All rights reserved.

Broken Places will be published in 2014.

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