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Lucian & Lia Book 6: romantic erotica

Lee: Lucian & Lia book 6 romantic eroticaBy Sydney Landon

I return to my chair behind my desk and open my email. As usual, there’s a daily report from Jenkins. I open the attachment and begin scrolling down it, seeing nothing new. I’m almost at the bottom when my hand freezes. The name seems to leap from the page. Wrenn. I haven’t spoken that name in twenty years. The last I heard, he was living in Chicago. Even though he’s a man I count as an enemy, I haven’t bothered to watch him through the years. There are plenty of threats a lot closer with more to be pissed off about. I merely took one of his many companies out of his greedy hands. I did that for Victor and Draco. It hadn’t been personal, just another day in the life. Even though it was barely a blip on my radar, I never forget a name from my past. Especially if I wronged them.

According to the report, Liza has been at Hunter’s for almost two hours, so it certainly wasn’t a case of making a wrong turn. Picking up my cell phone, I place a call to the man who shadows the woman I love. As always, he answers simply, “Boss?”

“What is she doing at Hunter Wrenn’s?” I hiss, unable to hide my frustration. I don’t need this. My life has had enough drama in the past year to make me feel twenty years older than my current age of forty-five.

Jenkins, well accustomed to my abrupt personality, answers without pause. “Don’t know, boss. Wrenn’s house is only about ten minutes from her apartment, but she wound around the city, through the country, then onto the expressway. She took a few exits, got back on, then finally made her way there. The whole thing was strange. I just figured she got lost.”

I don’t bother to point out that I know Liza has a GPS in her car. There’s no way she accidentally took a route that far out of the way. I could see her making one wrong turn. Hell, I’d even give her two, but the scenario he just described says something else. She knows me well enough to suspect I keep an eye on her. But why would she not want me to know she was at Wrenn’s? I never discussed the man with her, so regardless of what took her to his house, she should have had no reason to hide it from me. “I want to know immediately if she goes back there. I’d also like for you to do some digging into her background and his. Find the connection.” I’ve never been a man to believe in coincidences, and I damn sure don’t plan to start now. I’m missing something, and I won’t stop until I find out what it is. My previous security head, Sears, ran a background report on Liza as he did all employees before her. Of course, I realized Sears himself was a bumbling idiot who missed key information on Lia. He was fired immediately, which I thought solved the problem. But now I wonder if the dumbass had screwed up much more. “Something is off here, and I want to know what it is as soon as possible.”

“You got it, boss.” I toss my phone onto the desk as a prickle of unease makes its way down my spine.

About Lee

Romantic erotica

My name is Lee Jacks and I’ve lived a life that few could imagine. When you grow up as the son of a crack whore with little more than the clothes on your back most days being accepted by your peers is the last thing you expect. I was always an outcast which was fine by me. It’s what kept my brother and me alive. Survival is something that isn’t taught in public schools, but it damn well should be.

But I’m no longer a gutter rat to be kicked aside like yesterday’s trash. I’m a sought-after member of the Asheville, North Carolina elite and invited to parties given by the upper crust of society.

The one thing I never counted on was falling in love with my assistant Liza. In one of my few selfless acts, I refused to bring her into my corrupt world. When she quits her job, and walks away from me, I soon discover that I never really knew her at all. For she has secrets of her own and one of them could very well be the need to destroy me.

Graphic content warning: This romantic erotica novel contains depictions of violence, sexual abuse and child abuse.

Bestselling romance author Sydney LandonSydney Landon

is the New York Times & USA Today best selling author of:  Weekends Required, Not Planning on You, Fall For Me, Fighting For You, Betting on You, No Denying You, Always Loving You, Pierced and Fractured.  Sydney is currently working on the next book in the Danvers’ Series as well as the Pierced Series.

When she isn’t writing romantic erotica or romance, Sydney enjoys reading, swimming and the beach.

She lives with her family in Greenville, South Carolina.

Get to know more about Sydney:

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