Thursday teasers: New releases from your favorite BestSelling authors


BestSelling Reads member authors have been a busy bunch this winter, releasing 11 excellent novels. And there are more to come by May.

Here are the latest releases from your favorite writers.

January 12


Thriller by Alan McDermott

When MI5 learns that a horrifying new weapon is in enemy hands, agent Andrew Harvey is called in to track it down before it reaches British soil.

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January 23

Conspiracy of Lies

By Caleb Pirtle III

It was the race for the bomb. America was at war a long way from home. Hitler’s war machine was storming across Europe. Russia wanted to become a world power. All three nations knew that whoever split the atom and developed the atomic bomb first would rule the world.

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January 28

Amelia The Mother: A Pocket Full of Innocence

By D.G. Torrens

Amelia Series Book 3—Amelia takes her readers on an emotional journey, of how she used her own past as an example of “How not to parent.”

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January 31

Imperfect Harmony

By Raine Thomas

House of Archer, Book 1—The line between reality and Reality TV begins to blur for rock singer Dane Archer when he starts falling for his best friend, Lily.

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Scorch Road: JT

Romance thriller by Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman

Scorch Series Book 1—A new romantic action adventure series for fans of romance thriller suspense and family romance series!

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February 19

Wired Hard

Mystery by Toby Neal

Paradise Crime Book 3—Security specialist Sophie Ang has a new case: someone is looting artifacts from a royal Hawaiian archaeological site on Maui. Things get deadly fast—while Sophie walks a tightrope between new love and heartbreak.

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February 21

Cinder Road: Dolf

Romance thriller By Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman

Scorch Series Romance Thriller Book 2—How can Dolf protect his twin’s brave, stubborn widow, Avital, and hide his feelings from her as they struggle to live long enough to reach the Haven?

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February 22

Walking Out of War

Military biography by Scott Bury

Book 3 in the Eastern Front trilogy—A Canadian drafted into the Soviet Red Army fights to survive the death struggle between Nazi Germany and the USSR, then elude Stalin’s NKVD to return home to Canada.

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February 24

Night Side of Dark

Historical mystery by Caleb Pirtle III

Ambrose Lincoln Series Book 3—American operative Ambrose Lincoln must find an ancient religious painting in bomb-ruined Poland before the Gestapo can use it to bring about Nazi Germany’s victory.

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March 5

Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame

Middle-grade superhero adventure by Elise Stokes

Cassidy Jones Adventures book 5—The diabolical Metal Woman takes three hostages. Her ransom demand: an unprecedented weapon, rumored to have been a gift to the Third Reich from Vulcan, the Roman god of fire. Only Cassidy Jones can stop her.

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March 14

Smoke Road: Luca

Romance thriller by Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman

Scorch Series Romance Thriller Book 3—Ex-Special Forces Luca Luciano joins an elite commando unit tracking down the suspicious origins of the Scorch Flu plague. Sparks fly as he and his commanding officer, Dr. Haunani “Nani” Kagawa race to find the bioterrorists responsible.

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Coming soon

April 4

Burnt Road: Dante

Romance thriller by Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman

Dante, the genius Luciano brother who made millions in the California IT industry, faces twin challenges when the Scorch Flu pandemic hits: his own autism, and getting an actress from Malibu to JT’s safe compound in Idaho.

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April 18

Wedding Dreams: Memory’s Edge

Contemporary romance by DelSheree Gladden, part of the Wedding Dreams boxed set—20 delicious nuptial romances.

Gretchen finds a man injured on the road. After he wakes, “John Doe”  has no memory. As he pieces his life together, he begins falling in love with the woman who rescued him.

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May 5

Place of Skulls

Thriller by Caleb Pirtle III

Ambrose Lincoln series, boook 4—Has a DEA agent found unmistakable proof that Christ walked the land of the Aztecs fifteen hundred years after his crucifixion in Palestine? Ambrose Lincoln can’t dig past the charred fragments of his memory, but he must unravel the legend of the white-skinned, blue-eyed god whose sixteenth-century ministry, death, resurrection and promise to return parallels the story of the man called Christ.

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May 17

Flame Road: Cash

Romance thriller by Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman

The Scorch Flu pandemic sweeps through Colorado, sending adrenaline junkie Cash, one of the six Luciano brothers, through the wilderness to his family’s survival compound in Idaho. On the way, he finds a traumatized woman with no idea where or who she is.

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Stay tuned

Your favorite BestSelling authors are always hard at work on new books to delight, inspire, thrill and scare you. So keep watching this page for new books!



Friday Focus: Mimi Barbour’s Special Agent Francesca


This week’s Friday Focus comes from the first volume in Mimi Barbour’s new Undercover FBI series, now available! 

Special Agent Francesca by Mimi Barbour cover

Sean Collins sat hidden in the opposite, kitty-cornered seat in the four-booth set-up. He’d worked late trying to get a patient through a crisis and had gotten as far as the steak house, before hunger grabbed hold and dragged his sorry ass inside. Exhaustion had left his eyes gritty and his brain twisted like a pretzel, but two male voices still got through. Listening to a man unloading on his buddy about a mistaken one-night stand had his attention pretty darn quick.

He found himself nodding when the advice given matched with his own ideals of truthfulness between a husband and his wife. Not that he was married; hadn’t found a woman he could trust further than he could throw her. What was it with the females in the state of Nevada? Did they all have to get caught up in the hype of the fun city?

Suddenly, a female voice entered his awareness. The husky note in the slightly slurred words was pleasing and he concentrated on what she was saying.

“Don’t listen to your friend.  Not only is he an asshole, he’s full of shit. If you love your wife, then don’t tell her—ever.”

What the hell!?

The screwball continued in the same vein, proceeding to give unwanted advice to a man who was in a fragile state and probably willing to listen to anything that would get him off the hot seat.

Sean came close to standing up and cutting her off. If he weren’t so tired, he’d have given her a piece of advice. Mind your own business! As a psychologist and profiler who often worked with the cops and saw every kind of misfit out there, he knew she’d most likely wrecked this man’s life. In her final statement, she let the poor guy have it with both barrels.

 “In my way of thinking, being the best husband and father you can be will go some ways to making up for being the miserable, lyin’, cheating prick that you are.” Sean heard the noise of a chair being knocked over, a grunted swearword and light footsteps heading toward the door.

Something beyond his power to control brought him to his feet. The redheaded advice-giver stopped and their eyes caught for as long as it took her to stumble. Hers were pure liquid heat, the bluest blue he’d ever seen. Her glance slid past him as she straightened the chair and carefully maneuvered her way to the door.  The light over the entrance caught the coppery-gold highlights in the mane of loose hair flowing every which way over her shoulders and down her slight back. She bumped into the doorframe on her way out, stopped, re-aligned herself, and then the nut-job was gone.

Stunned, he slid back down into his booth and the truth hit him. Hell, in Las Vegas, there was every kind of mental disorder, maladjusted behavior, psychosis, neurosis and insanity a person could imagine, but some just blew the others right out of the murky pool. That stunning deranged wacko, whose fabulous long legs might get a man to do almost anything in order to get his hands on them, had just ended his otherwise shitty day perfectly. What a fucking shame!

About Special Agent Francesca

An introvert, Special Agent Francesca moves to Las Vegas to escape her powerful, domineering mother. On arrival, multiple obstacles challenge her. She needs to approach a father she’s never met, a man who doesn’t even know she exists. Then she must play the role of a loving fiancée with a stranger. One who makes her question every unexpected emotion he provokes.  Craving the chance for real undercover work, she grabs the opportunity to be involved in cleaning up gang corruption in a nasty neighborhood. When she poses as the new owner of a hotel, the deadly-dangerous situation ramps up and she’s forced to fight her way from one conflict to the next.

Sean Collins, Psychiatrist and LVPD Profiler, has never known anyone like Francesca Donovan. From first sight, he believes her to be a screwball but her beauty and maddening personality attracts him. Despite her prickly disposition, which gets them into a load of trouble, her rotten driving skills and her constant battles, he’s hooked. Once he’s roped into a mock engagement with her, his desire to make it real takes precedence over everything else in his world.

Author Mimi BarbourMimi Barbour,

author of the Vicarage Bench, Angels with Attitudes, Vegas, Elvis and the new sizzling Undercover FBI series, lives on the east coast of Vancouver Island and writes her various romances with tongue in cheek and a mad glint in her eye. “If I can steal a book-lover’s attention away from their everyday grind, absorb them into a fantasy love story, and make them care about the ending, then I’ve done my job.”

Visit her:

and follow her on Twitter @MimiBarbour.



What Does Your Bedside Table Say About You? by Toby Neal



Toby Neal, bestselling author of Hawaii mysteries Blood Orchid and Torch Ginger

Toby Neal



What does your bedside table say about you? I’m a mystery/suspense writer and diagnostic mental health therapist, and I began my “profiling” of people very early—as an 11-year-old babysitter.

(I was the oldest of four in an alcoholic home. “Responsible” doesn’t begin to describe what an anal-retentive little control freak I was at eleven.)

I loved nothing more than to put the aforementioned babysat children to bed, wash the dishes, vacuum the house,  turn on the TV (in case anyone came home unexpected) and begin an FBI-level search through my clients’ homes. It was my idea of a good time all through my teens, and no one ever knew, suspected, and did anything but sing my praises as the Best Babysitter Ever. (“She plays with the kids, and even does the dishes!”)

I would begin with the bathroom cabinets, making note of medications (looking them up as best I could pre-internet) progressing through kitchen cabinets (where I inventoried food choices and drew conclusions) to underwear drawers, and I would end these curiosity-satisfying forays at the bedside table.

Ah, what a wealth of personal info can be found in a decent bedside table.

I catalogued money, threatening notes, hair pieces, hash pipes, sex toys, love letters, bodice rippers, porn stashes, handcuffs and knives. .

Compared to that, and perhaps because of it, my own bedside table is sadly bare. It has wire legs, and a stack of books underneath. Those books are nearly high enough to lift it off the ground, but that’s my rule: when the bedside table achieves liftoff, I have to finish something and put it away on the (bulging) shelves in the front hall.

But first, I know you want to know what’s on top of the aforementioned bedside table. I keep three things on top of the table: my Kindle (which has helped reduce the bookstack a lot, but not entirely, and is where I have hundreds of indie books stored) a pair of earplugs, and a big pump-bottle of Cetaphil lotion.(It’s not good for lube, in case your dirty little minds were wondering. Soaks in too fast.)

Underneath the bedside table is where things get really confusing, if you were trying to “profile” me. Top of the stack of towering books is:

The Mental Health Diagnostic Desk Reference, Carlton Munson, Ph.D. (Yes, I do mental health evaluations as part of my practice, and sometimes before bed a client’s symptoms will be aggravating me, and I need to take out my earplugs—you detectives out there, yes, I’m married and the hubby snores, God bless him—turn on the light, and read through to make sure I gave the right diagnosis, or maybe there’s something different…for instance, there are 33 subtypes of Bipolar Disorder alone. And I like to get it right.)

Nine Rules to Break when Seducing a Rake, by Sarah McClean. One step down from a bodice ripper. (I do love a romance now and again! Titles change but there’s always one in the stack for when I need a happy feeling)

Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit, by John Douglas & Mark Olshaker. (Horrifying and fascinating reading, research for my writing.)Image showing three Hawaii mysteries by bestselling author Toby Neal, Blood Orchid, Torch Ginger and Black Jasmine

Abundance: the Future is Better than You Think, by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. (I need good news, and this nonfiction, about the potential of humans to solve problems, is a mind expander and very well written. Plus has a great cover!)

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. (My daughter is a cell scientist at Stanford. In addition to being fascinated by biology, I’m writing a mystery that centers on a lab, all of which reasons got me to buy the book. This one makes me feel virtuous just for reading it—and it’s a damn good book.)

The South Beach Diet, by Arthur Agatson. (Always there to make me feel crappy about my eating habits and extra pounds, but there to show I have intentions to change.)

The Poet, by Michael Connelly. (This is the best book of his I’ve read, and while I should have put it in the front shelves by now, I can’t bear to move it away, as if I could absorb some of his magic by having it near.)

The Gerbil Farmer’s Daughter, by Holly Robinson. (funny and wonderful memoir by my good friend Holly. It’s signed.)

The Liar’s Club, by Mary Karr. (Another memoir. Are you detecting a trend? Yes, I’m getting ready to write my own, by doing “market research.” Funny, touching and horrible, just as a memoir should be.)

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. (I wrote a whole blog post on this, and how it inspired my new YA novel, Aumakua. I keep it near for magical purposes, like the Connelly book)

What does your bedside table say about you?


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