Wordless Wednesday: Hometown Secrets


By David Bishop

Hometown Secrets: The long awaited sequel to the first Linda Darby suspense mystery, THE WOMAN, has been released. And Ryan Testler, is back with her again.

Memories are funny things. The way they quietly hang around. Linger. Waiting for something we see or hear, or an unexpected event to slam them forward into our consciousness. To strike us the way headlights assault a dark road. Some memories bring along a smile, others foreshadow danger and there are those which cry out for resolution. All of this is true for Linda Darby.
Linda wonders if she might again be lured into her first lover’s bed. As the pace quickens she does find love, along with friendship, fear, danger, and opportunity. Clashes of personality and conflicts between the agendas of the principal characters eventually coalesce in ways Linda never anticipated.

About the author

DavidBishopDavid Bishop was born in Washington, D.C., the son of a Navy man posted for duty in the nation’s capital. His longest
running job was as a business valuation analyst, which means he told privately-owned companies their market value. That led to his co-authoring his first book, a nonfiction work published in three languages. His current and final career is writing mystery novels.

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