The end of romance

Romance Month, that is It’s hard to believe we’ve already reached the end of February. It's a short month that somehow manages to feel like the longest of the year, yet slip through our fingers like late afternoon sunlight through vertical blinds. … [Continue reading]

Romance teaser: Kado notices Cass

This week's Teaser for Romance Month on BestSelling Reads features a sparking, smoking scene from The Devil of Light By Gae-Lynn Woods Tom Kado drank in Detective Cass Elliot’s fluid movements as she wove between the desks to get to the … [Continue reading]

BSR Romance Month: What’s so great about romance, anyway?

Romance is the biggest genre in publishing by a long shot. It’s as if the reading world just cannot get enough stories about love, longing, heartache, soaring joy, crushing sorrow and all the big emotions of romance. But why? What is it about this … [Continue reading]

Be our reading Valentines

It's Valentine's Day, and BestSelling Reads' treat for you are some samples from romance stories you'll love. From Limited Partnerships II: Luke By M.L. Doyle The problem was, what he’d said, his touch, the way he looked at me, the gasp … [Continue reading]

It’s Romance Month

Image courtesy Creative Commons February is usually the coldest month of the year on the northern side of the equator. Maybe that’s why Valentine’s Day is in the middle of it: to raise the temperature with thoughts of love, and plenty of … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: The Crazy Girl’s Handbook

This week's crazy romance teaser is from the funny first volume of the Handbook romance series By DelSheree Gladden Pain blossomed in more than one spot as my elbows and palms hit the cement and my head whacked into the decorative stone edging … [Continue reading]