Writing means rewriting

By DelSheree Gladden Writing and rewriting go hand in hand. Over the years, rewriting takes up less time, for most writers anyway. When first starting out, though, rewriting scenes, characters, or whole books will eat up a big chunk of most … [Continue reading]

Dead Man Lying

A sneak peek ahead at the upcoming third Hawaiian Storm mystery By Scott Bury Vanessa paused at the edge of the forest to try to rub some of the dirt off her shoes. “Steven Sangster. I can’t believe I’m investigating his death. Did you like … [Continue reading]

An author withdraws

Bestselling member M.L. Doyle explains what of today's circumstances have convinced her to put down her pen. I will not be writing fiction or much of anything else for the foreseeable future.  I know withdrawing from writing fiction … [Continue reading]

Boys of summers in the before time

Sample this excerpt from the baseball romance For Everly By Raine Thomas Cole looked back at Wyatt. “I don’t think it’s a great idea to receive treatment by a student, Wy, genius or not. What if she screws up my arm even worse than … [Continue reading]

New books in your hands

We know you love to read good books. That’s why we’re all tap-tap-tapping away on our keyboards to bring you books you love to read. Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash Here is what you can expect from some of our bestselling members over the … [Continue reading]

Repelling the Shark

A Thursday teaser from Book 5 of The Date Shark Series By DelSheree Gladden Piper’s expression pinched in confusion. “What the hell is a date shark service?” It was a challenge not to laugh at her reaction, but Leo didn’t want to … [Continue reading]