New book launch: Somewhere in Wine Country

A new series by BestSelling Reads author Toby Jane Nothing could go wrong with this scenario. I watched my family's vineyard fall under the auction hammer, holding back tears of grief and rage. What should be mine went to a … [Continue reading]

Where does inspiration strike?

Monday musings by BestSelling Reads authors Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash One question that every writer gets is about inspiration. “Where do you get your ideas from?” The answers are as varied as the writers themselves. Many writers find … [Continue reading]

Velvet Rain

A Thursday teaser from the Readers Favorite-selected read By David C. Cassidy The black car eased left, onto the dark country road that would lead to its destruction. “I’m telling you,” Christensen said again, tapping his wristwatch. … [Continue reading]

What does “show me, don’t tell me” mean?

Monday musings on writing Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash By Scott Bury Characters are what stories are about. Plot is essential—we had to have a story to tell. Something has to happen, something that matters to you, the readers. But … [Continue reading]

Why I write

Chromatic Typewriter created by Tyree Callahan Monday musings by bestselling author DelSheree Gladden Writing is an important form a stress relief for me. It produces a tangible product that helps me feel like I’m actually doing something … [Continue reading]

Fight to Survive

A Thursday teaser from the bestselling third Eva Driscoll thriller By Alan McDermott When Eva recovered consciousness, she tried to raise a hand to her head, but it wouldn’t move. She opened her eyes and saw why. She was strapped in tight … [Continue reading]