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Multiple teasers for your Thursday

It’s going to be a challenging holiday season, especially when it comes to giving gifts. How will that even happen? Will we use six-foot poles to exchange gifts? Spray disinfectant before tearing the wrapping paper?

Your favorite bestselling authors have the solution for the avid readers on your list.

Friend Me

Remember Me book 1

By Sydney Landon

Bestselling author of erotic romance and romantic thrillers Sydney Landon is launching a whole new series on December 15 with Friend Me.

She doesn’t remember him…he never forgot her.

Years later, he sends her a friend request out of nothing more than curiosity.

That curiosity quickly turns into an obsession that will consume him until he can think of nothing but having her. The only question is…can he put aside his hatred long enough to enjoy the moment when it comes—because it will.

There’s no turning back now.

She has always belonged to him.

She just didn’t know it.

Find more on Sydney’s website.


By Alan McDermott

D.J. Torrens

The Children of the Seventh Son

By Scott Bury

Book 2 of the Dark Age trilogy follows Javor the barbarian’s life in the centre of the 7th-century civilized world, Constantinople. The Byzantine Empire and the mysterious Gnostic Order have chosen him as their preferred warrior against dark forces bent on destroying human civilization. But as his family grows, he wonders whether he is fighting for the right side.

Learn more on Scott Bury’s website.

The Man in the Cave

By J.T. Oakley

The author of The Jossing Affair and The Quisling Factor, stories centered on the experience of Norway during the Second World War, has contributed a story to the anthology, War Time Christmas Stories.

Her story is called The Man in the Cave. Learn more about the anthology on J.T. Oakley’s blog.

Kill the Moon

By A.J. Llewellyn

Monty’s just met the man of his dreams, except he suspects Sawyer is a serial killer.

What do you do when you think you’ve found the most wonderful guy? Except maybe he isn’t?

When Montgomery Monty Pellman meets Sawyer on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, he’s ecstatic to connect with somebody who isn’t a weirdo or some fly-by-night straight, married guy on the down-low on Grindr.

Sawyer is everything he’s ever wanted and more. Blistering-hot sex and brilliant conversation lead to Monty impulsively inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. Sawyer seems thrilled, but then creepy things start happening. Monty is sure Sawyer is stalking him, and the guy strongly resembles a serial killer on the loose in Los Angeles.

Sawyer is obsessed with Monty. He has been for many years, not that he can tell him this. He knows the truth will make the guy run. He needs Monty to fall in love with him to break an old curse, and he has just one week to do it.

That’s if he survives Monty’s family’s bizarre southern Thanksgiving meal complete with his Grammy’s pickles in gelatin and her crazy Coke salad.

Kill the Moon is available for pre-order.

Repelling the Shark

The Date Shark Book 5

By DelSheree Gladden

Simple and easy falls apart when secrets revealed require making promises and opening up to the possibilities of hurt and hope.

Leo Bailey has so far escaped the curse of the date shark business. He fills in when needed, but has held onto his casual relationships and family emergency-free existence.

Marriage and family are a vague idea for the future, but he’s not ready to give up the freedom of being single and answering only to himself.

When Piper Moretti witnesses the demise of yet another of Leo’s friends-with-benefits relationship, she doesn’t think much of it. She has a long list of more pressing responsibilities and headaches to occupy her mind.

Friends, and the strings that go with them, are at the bottom of her priority list.

When a date shark client who tops the list of bizarre behavior Leo has seen, his half-joking request for rescue drags Piper into the chaos and into Leo’s life.

Find the book to buy on the author’s website.

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