New book day: Dead Man Lying


A new Hawaiian Storm mystery from bestselling author Scott Bury

It’s launch day for the latest Hawaiian Storm mystery.

FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm returns to Maui’s rain-soaked coast to investigate the death of a once-famous singer. Teaming up with local police, she uncovers drug trafficking, stolen music and a string of mysterious deaths.

This book took me on a Hawaiian mystery, thrill-ride adventure. Though I consider myself to be exceptional at figuring out plots and story lines in mysteries, this story… not so much. The plot twists and surprises made me not want to put it down.

—Lisa Jey Davis, author of Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood

As a savage tropical storm traps every witness, and suspect, in the singer’s rambling home, Vanessa learns that they’re all lying.

But the biggest liar of all may just be the victim—the dead man, lying.

Exactly what you want in a whodunit.—Mary Doyle, author of The Peacekeeper’s Photograph

—Mary Doyle, author of The Peacekeeper’s Photograph

Bury knows how to keep the story real and give up a few laughs while dropping subtle clues.

—Anima Giraldez, Amazon reviewer

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it’s David C. Cassidy’s bestselling thrilling time-travel tale, Velvet Rain.

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