New and soon to be released bestsellers


Your favorite bestsellers are still working their fingers to the bone to bring you great reading. Here are some books that have just been released, and more you can look forward to in the coming months.

New releases

Here the Truth Lies cover

Here the Truth Lies by Seb Kirby

Emma Chamberlain has a consuming ambition – to prove the innocence of a convicted murderer sentenced to life. But the more she digs into the evidence, the more she is forced to confront threatening secrets about her own past that lead her to the ultimate question – who is Emma Chamberlain?

To discover the truth, Emma must expose those responsible for a dark conspiracy that has ruined the lives of many and now threatens her own.

Now available on Amazon in paperback; coming soon as an e-book.

Wildfire: A Wine Country Mystery coverWildfire by Scott Bury

Wine Country Mystery Book 1: Law school grad and single mom Tara Rezeck takes a job in Sonoma’s most award-winning winery, and confronts a mystery in the wildfires that swept California in 2017.

Now available on Amazon; coming to other e-tailers on April 1.

Self-Publishing for Canadians by Barb Drozdowich

Barb Drozdowich brings her experience and expertise as publisher of 11 books to help authors produce, publish and market their books to bear specifically on Canadians. This book guides authors through formatting, editing, getting ISBNs and uploading manuscripts..

Now available on Amazon.


Coming soon

Driving Tempo by Raine Thomas

Book 3 in the House of Archer series

Rosemary was supposed to be helping her sister Lily in managing her reality show with the rock band The Void. Then things between Rosemary and The Void’s spoken-for sound specialist, Sage Strickland, start to heat up. Now there’s one more teetering band relationship for Lily to balance in the media along with her own. One misstep could not only destroy The Void’s recent success but end the only career she has.

Coming May 2018.


Finding You by D.G. Torrens

Noah Ainsworth has been hiding away in his ivory tower for far too long and decides it’s time he started living again. The enigmatic Eden Marshall is his prime motivation—captivated by her, he begins to trust in love again.

Until a dark secret from his past emerges, threatening all that he loves.

Coming November 2018