Monday musings: literary goals for 2018


By Autumn Birt

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2018 began with the release of my thirteenth book as well as a nomination for Best Book of the Year from Fantasia Reviews for my twelfth. There is nothing like that culmination of events to light a new year fire under my keyboard.

Plus, that new release ended my second epic fantasy trilogy, one that was set in the same world as my first. I’m ready for new things. I hope my readers are too—because they are coming!

When I wrapped up A New Goddess, I had no specific books in mind to write. Actually, I was going to write a non-fiction book on writing. But one morning I woke up from a dream where I needed to write a new series to balance what I’d published.

By that night, I’d begun to outline a new trilogy titled Black Throne, Black Blood, complete with two intro novellas. An idea that I’d ferreted away merged over the course of that day with another. Alone, they were interesting. Together, they were dynamic and inspiring!

But I couldn’t jump right into it. See, I have a business partner and we are building something together and the world of that story just might be a fit for something we’ve been planning. So, I need to hold off a couple of months until I know for sure.

Writers have a really hard time putting on brakes.

One of my favorite things about inspiration is it is not a limited resource. Actually, I think creativity is highly expansive and a little explosive. Being inspired to write but trying hard not to continue crafting a world lead to a desperate search for something else to focus on. Which had the end result of birthing another series idea.

I outlined the second series pretty quickly with some brainstorming from my husband. It too has an intro novella and at least four books with it. It is a mad combination of influences from ancient Celtic and Native American myths mixed with the desperation of my near future dystopian series, Friends of my Enemy. And I’ll secretly admit here that a short story I wrote as part of my college honor’s thesis that was probably the original seed. Boy, has it grown into a monster!

I’ve already begun the novella for this dark, urban fantasy series. And while I don’t have the name to the novella as yet, the series will be the Caillte Ré, which translates to “dark time.”

I’m hoping by the time the first novella is finished, I can switch to the first one in Black Throne, Black Blood. I’d like to have both novellas out before mid-year and be working on book 1 of the Caillte Ré along with the second novella in Black Throne, Black Blood.

Yes, I’m planning on writing two series at the same time. I’ve done it in the past. We’ll see how it goes this year!

And though these series are two entirely different worlds and characters, I see a linking theme between them of exploring the role of darkness. Where my current epic fantasy series is noble bright, my new books won’t be so clearly cut. I see them as darker, sexier, more adult, and far more complicated.

I can’t wait to share them with the world!

Autumn Birt

Autumn is a bestselling author in multiple genres. She is the author of two epic fantasy adventure trilogies on elemental magic, The Rise of the Fifth Order and Games of Fire. Games of Fire has received tremendous critical reviews and book 2, Gates of Fire & Earth, is also a Fantasia Reviews 2017 Book of Year nominee and winner of Best Worldbuilding.

She is also the author of Friends of my Enemy, a military dystopian/ dark fantasy tale laced with romance. Friends of my Enemy was released in full in 2015 and is quite the story full of strong characters, tight plots, and lots of action. Meanwhile, despite saying she was taking a short break to write a non-fiction book on writing techniques to go along with the courses she teaches at, a new story is already starting to build.

If she stops goofing off and enjoying hobbies such as traveling, hiking, motorcycling, and kayaking, she may even be able to release a new fantasy story in 2018 too.

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