Monday Musings: When Honor Brings Inspiration


by Samreen Ahsan


When you start writing something, you always wonder: who’d read my book? But at the back of your mind, there is always a tiny seed of hope you keep on watering that one day your work will take a shape of a book and people will acknowledge your work.

This actually happened to me. When I started writing, the story was just for myself. As if I was talking to a wall and letting out whatever was buried in my heart. I had no intention to publish it, either. But as I published, I was asked to enter in different award competitions in which Readers’ Favorite was the special one. It’s mostly special because they first reviewed my book, rated five stars with: “I think A Silent Prayer by Samreen Ahsan is destined to become a classic in romance genre.” Moreover, they put my book in 2014 Finalists. For me, that was the ultimate pride. My book was selected as a Finalist in General Fiction (although I do remember entering my book in romance genre).

After the Finalists announcement, one of the authors emailed everyone and created a Facebook group. We all introduced ourselves to each other and gradually became friends, like a family in a closed Facebook group.


On September 1st 2014, winners were announced and my book, A Silent Prayer was selected as Honorable Mention in General Fiction. This was probably one of the happiest moments of my life. We all congratulated each other, sharing our award certificates on Facebook group. The event was supposed to be held in Miami, Florida. Many authors booked for Miami trip in the first week and from September 1st till November 22nd, we kept in touch with each other, sharing our plans for the trip.

downloadI promised my kids to take them with me, as they wanted to share their mommy’s joy when she’d walk on the stage on being called with her book. A night before the event, we all gathered in the same hotel, introduced ourselves face-to-face (for the first time) and shared drinks. My kids made some author friends and received Children’s books signed by those award-winning authors.

Next day, at the main event, we all gathered and shared the equal joy. My elder daughter was so inspired to attend an event among all award-winning authors that it has motivated her to write a book. She has asked me to help her make a picture book by finding an illustrator so that she can also participate in Readers’ Favorite Award and walk on the stage next year to receive award on her book.

It is always such a pleasure to know that you can inspire your next generation with your work in a creative way. I made new friends; my kids made new friends—a bond on Facebook that I hope would never break. I’d like to congratulate again all the award-winning authors for their tremendous works. They all should be proud on their success. For me, the reason of joy (other than winning) was to bring an inspiration to my kids, as they looked at me with pride, when I walked to the stage to receive my award.

One thought on “Monday Musings: When Honor Brings Inspiration”
  1. Congrats again, Samreen, for your Honorable Mention. It was wonderful meeting you in Miami and seeing your lovely little girls enjoying the event, and so proud of their mother. Being on that stage was indeed the highlight of my career as a professional writer, and now … an award-winning author!

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