Horror Thursday: Velvet Rain


As it’s the May 2–4 weekend, it’s fitting to feature a Canadian BestSeller. Read on to find out how you could win an e-copy of this week’s horror teaser

By David C. Cassidy

Velvet Rain by award-winning horror author David C. CassidyIn this dank and vile tomb of torture, a wide bank of multicolored lamps blinked randomly in the darkness, betraying some sort of control panel. The strike of a wooden match produced a flare of flame beyond the lights. At this the woman’s eyes shot open, only to narrow from the intensity of the spotlight; naked and brutalized, chained to a cold hard chair, she barely held the strength to peer into the shadows. Her lips trembled, her breathing rapid. The light revealed a dark gap where three of her top teeth had been pulled from their roots.

A hint of smoke from the spent match lingered in the air. It breached the edge of the darkness as it passed her, only to be swallowed again. She seemed to settle a little, but then her eyes widened as a glowing red ember grew and shrank like a beating heart, as her captor drew on the cigarette.

A cutting cough rattled her, its bite seeming to strike from all directions. The sound was sickly.

Somewhere … a clock ticked.

Time stilled. That pulsing heart stopped and faded to black. Brikker extinguished the cigarette in a container that, among the throng of spent cancer sticks, held three toenails and the bloodied left lateral and two central incisors of an adult human female. He paused to study them, amazed at the surprising will of the woman. She was remarkable, truly. If only his pathetic henchmen who had shackled her were half as strong as she.

Brikker closed the lid on the container. He would break her. He would fill this thing if need be.

He shifted to her left. Every step seemed amplified. Every word.

“So … what do we know? Hmmm? What do we know.”

The woman stiffened. Her eyes darted as those elusive footfalls came again. She uttered a small shriek when Brikker touched her.

“Shhhhh.” He stood right behind her now, whispering from the dark. He stroked her shaven scalp with an ochred finger stained from a lifetime of smoking, let it run along the imperfect form of her skull; let it trace the four black digits tattooed there. Someone—his nemesis, Richards, he supposed—might have found her attractive. He found her repulsive. Most women were.

“Shhhhh,” he whispered again. “That’s better. Perhaps you’d like something to eat, hmmm?”

The woman tried to nod, but her bonds prevented such an act. She uttered a yes that was barely perceptible.

“Soon,” Brikker told her. “As much as you want.”

The woman squirmed, trying to hold against her aching bladder. Finally, she urinated. Her piddle dribbled over the edge of the chair and pooled at her feet.

“Do you know what day it is?” Brikker’s words circled in the darkness with every step.

There was no reply. The eyes told him no.

“The month?”

Still no reply.

His voice rose slightly. “Tell me your name.”

There was some hesitation, but then the words came dutifully, if dismally—four digits—not a syllable more. Brikker grinned.

“Do you remember Sarah? Sarah-Jane?”

No reply.

DO YOU REMEMBER SARAH-JANE? The words blasted from the blackness like bullets.


She was lying. He could smell deception, as if it were a rotting carcass splayed before him.

Brikker stepped into the light, his formlessness becoming form in silhouette. He paused, and then he slapped her with brutal force.

The woman wept. Her breath came sharply, a thin whistle through the wide gap where her upper teeth had been. Dark eyes bulged from that emaciated face, giving her the appearance of a humanoid insect.

Brikker backed into the shadows for but a moment. He would break her, most certainly; she would deliver Richards, and then she would die.

The good Doctor stepped toward Sarah-Jane Metherell and held there, just beyond the reach of the light. The blade of a knife slipped from the darkness, glistening.

“Shall we begin?”

About the literary horror novel Velvet Rain

ReadersFavorite.com 5-Star Selection

In the unbound spirit of Stephen King’s The Green Mile, award-winning author David C. Cassidy takes you on an extraordinary journey into the heart of the human soul, where one man’s incredible story of courage and tragedy will lift you, shock you, stir you—and leave you begging for more. Velvet Rain is a rollicking thrill ride, pitting unstoppable power against unstoppable evil—one of the most wicked and despicable villains in fiction. With a pulse-pounding beat that weaves paranormal, horror, and soft sci-fi with a deeply human touch, this is a story of heartbreak and redemption, terror and torment, and is sure to please horror, thriller, and soft sci-fi fans alike.

I have seen the face of evil.

His name is Brikker.

A mysterious drifter, Kain Richards is the last of his kind—and a man on the run. Once a tortured prisoner and pawn in a deadly experiment, his freedom hangs in the balance against the relentless pursuit from an obsessed and brutal madman who will stop at nothing to possess him. So when Kain falls for a beautiful and sensible Iowa farmwoman, his very presence puts their lives in peril. A tragic accident forces his hand, and his astonishing secret—and godlike power—threatens not only his life and the woman he loves, but the fate of the entire world.

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Meet the author

Award-winning horror author David C. CassidyAward-winning author David C. Cassidy is the twisted mind behind several chilling books of horror and suspense. An author, photographer, and graphic designer—and a half-decent juggler—he spends his writing life creating tales of terror where Bad Things Happen To Good People.

David lives and plays in Ontario, Canada. From Mozart to Vivaldi, classic jazz to classic rock, he feels naked without his iPod. Suffering from MAD—Multiple Activity Disorder—he divides his time between writing and workouts, photography and Photoshop, reading and rollerblading. An avid amateur astronomer, he loves the night sky, chasing the stars with his telescope. Sometimes he eats.

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