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A Keiki Mystery by Emily Kimelman

From the Kindle World of Toby Neal’s Lei Crimes




Hawaii is palm trees, black sand and blue water—but for policewoman Lei Texeira, there’s a dark side to paradise. Lei has overcome a scarred past to make a life for herself as a cop, but often the cases she works activate wounds and complications from her tangled family history. Lei is affected deeply by her cases even as she solves them with persistence, obsession, and intuition. She falls in love with Michael Stevens, the charismatic detective she works with, and they make a life solving crime in contemporary Hawaii with all its beauty and deadliness.

Warrior Dog is a continuation of Toby Neal’s Lei Crimes series, featuring Lei Texeira’s faithful hound Keiki.

The sound of the rooster’s crow penetrated Keiki’s sleep. Her left ear twitched to better follow the bird’s call as she sighed contentedly. The smell of her owners, Lei and Michael, brought her peace and happiness while at the same time reminding the Rottweiler of her responsibilities. The rooster crowed again and Keiki raised her large, square head from the blanket, glancing toward the window.

As she expected it was still dark out. Keiki looked up the bed at Lei, her first master, and her favorite human in this whole wide world. Just the sight of her, the gentle rise and fall of her breath, the splay of her wild hair across the pillow, made Keiki glad to belong to her. The new life inside of Lei, its fast little heartbeat and occasional movements were exciting to Keiki. She’d always wanted a big pack. Michael, one arm thrown over Lei, was the first addition and he was wonderful. Michael was strong, big, and brave; traits Keiki admired and shared with her second master.

Both Lei and Michael were in law enforcement, police officers, detectives. And while Keiki had never worked in a professional environment she’d been trained to guard from a very young age. Lei adopted her when she was a year old and since then Keiki had worked tirelessly to keep Lei safe.

Keiki climbed quietly off the bed, not wanting to wake the resting couple, but needing to check on the newest member of their pack. As she moved slowly out of the bedroom and down the hall she heard the cries of the Mynah birds in the fruit trees that spotted the yard.

The door to Kiet’s room was slightly ajar. Keiki nosed it open further, breathing in deeply, loving the scents that lingered around the baby. The sweet sour milk, the powder, the poop. Her eyes fluttered at the cacophony of smells. Her heart filled with the joy of having one so young and tender to care for.

Descended from the Drover Dogs of Rome, Keiki was physically strong, her chest broad, mind stable. Her ancestors had followed men into war, helping herd their animals, keeping their flocks protected as battle waged. Later, they’d been used as butcher dogs, pulling carts into town, wearing pouches for money around their necks. For hundreds of years her kind had been trusted with great responsibility. As Keiki sat in front of Kiet’s crib, looking through the bars at the young, beautiful creature contained within, she felt that of all the Rottweilers to ever live, her purpose–to protect this child, this family–was by far the most important ever assigned to any of them.

Keiki always came into the room before Kiet woke, wanting him to know that while she slept at the feet of his parents, he was always on her mind. That he was never alone when she was near. And while Keiki understood that life was not eternal, and that Kiet would live long after she’d joined her ancestors in the pools of time, she also knew that while Keiki breathed and her heart beat, Kiet would be safe.

About the book

One pack. One dog. One enemy. One mission: protect the family.

Descended from the Drover Dogs of Rome, Keiki has quite a legacy to live up to. The Rottweiler ancestors followed men into war, helped heard animals, and protected flocks from predators. All these tasks took great skill to bear the responsibility.

In the modern world, Keiki’s role remains much the same. She must protect Lei and her family. They are her pack and in need of her protection.

But what can she do when the enemy is fire? How will Keiki save her family from this raging, uncontrollable beast?

Warrior Dog is one of the Lei Crime Kindle World, an Amazon initiative where writer develop stories within the established World of Lei Crime characters.

About the author

Emily (author photo)Emily Kimelman is the author of the best selling Sydney Rye Series, which features a strong female protagonist and her canine best friend, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don’t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery!

Emily splits her time between the Hudson Valley and traveling the world with her husband and dog, Kinsey (named after Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone), researching exciting locations for the Sydney Rye Series. You can follow along on their adventures through Instagram, Facebook, and on Emily’s blog.

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