Focus Friday: Jet – Stealth


By Scott Bury

JetWBottomImage“Be ready to leave everything behind.”

Maya had never seen eyes so blue before. She could not ascribe any other logic behind her actions as she retrieved her handbag, took two prepaid credit cards from it and slipped them into her pants pocket, opposite the gun.

When the plane stopped and the doors opened, controlled chaos took over. The passengers all stood and clamored to get off even before the ground crew could bring up the stairs.

Maya saw two heavily-armed policemen wearing riot gear take up positions outside the door. At the bottom of the stairs, three pairs of paramedics waited, holding three stretchers. Ambulances waited with their rear doors gaping open and their lights flashing.

The pilot stepped out from the flight deck, hands up to signal the passengers to sit down. “Let the paramedics take care of the injured, first,” he yelled above the din, but it was useless. Finally, he picked up the co-pilot’s pistol and brandished it. That convinced the passengers to settle, if not stop talking.

The young blond man crouched in the aisle beside Maya. “When the passengers start to get off, stay in the middle until we see a chance to slip away.”

Maya looked once more into those blue eyes, and at the blood splatters on his shirt. “I have a better idea,” she said. He pushed him hard, and when he fell to the deck, she got down on her knees beside him and put her mouth on his.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

“Giving a wounded passenger mouth to mouth resuscitation,” she said, then pinched his nose, sealed his mouth with hers and blew in as hard as she could. She gave him the required three breaths, paused and listened to him breathe, then three more, paused, and three again. Then she straddled his body, put her hands on top of his chest and pumped up and down, administering CPR.

The door finally opened and the two riot cops stepped in, guns sweeping the cabin before one of the cops dropped to a knee and put his fingers to the dead co-pilot’s throat. He shook his head and the other cop gestured to call the paramedics in.

Two entered, went past the co-pilot’s body to the gunman’s bloody corpse. After ensuring he was dead, they loaded the body carelessly onto their stretcher and hustled it out of the way.

Two more paramedics rushed up to where Maya was breathing into the blond man’s mouth again. “We’ll take him now, miss,” said one in Spanish.

“Please, save my husband,” she pleaded.

She let them push her to one side and was gratified to see the young man act convincingly limp as the paramedics loaded him onto their stretcher. She held his hand as they rushed down the stairs and climbed into an ambulance. Maya got in the back with them and even squeezed the breathing bottle into his nose and mouth as the ambulance’s siren began to wail.

About Jet – Stealth

Once Mossad’s deadliest assassin, Jet is headed for a new, quiet life in a tropical paradise. But when a mysterious, handsome agent with no tradecraft but with brilliant blue eyes asks for her help to secure a new stealth weapon, she finds she just can’t say no.

This addition to the JET Kindle World combines breakneck pacing and non-stop action with wry humor. based on the characters and world created by bestselling author Russell Blake.

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He has two sons, an orange cat and a loving wife who puts up with a lot.

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