February—Still the month of romance


Valentine’s Day 2021 has passed, but it’s still the month of Romance as well as Black history on BSR.

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  • For Everly by Raine Thomas—Struggling physiotherapy student Everly Wallace must treat one of baseball’s rising stars while dealing with her own tragedies.
  • Mist-Chi-Mas by J.L. Oakley—Jeannie Naughton searches for a lover she had thought long dead in the 19th-century Pacific Northwest.
  • Once Upon a [Stolen] Time by Samreen Ahsan—a love reaches across eras.
  • What Had to be Done by DelSheree Gladden—Anna learns to deal with loss, love and a chance for a new life.
  • One Shade of Red by Scott Bury—Turning the traditional romance on its head, a powerful, smart woman initiates a young man into the ways of love and desire.

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Happy reading during the cold winter.

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For May-hem Month 2021,

it’s Alan McDermott’s bestselling thriller Motive

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