Elyse Salpeter


Elyse Salpeter is an author who loves mixing “the real with the fantastic” in her books. She likes nothing better than taking different scenarios and creating worlds where things just aren’t what they appear to be.

Her 6-book supernatural thriller series, beginning with THE HUNT FOR XANADU, are about a brilliant and fearless young woman named Kelsey Porter, whose life is steeped in Buddhist spiritual mysteries and she is constantly discovering the world around her is not what she believed it to be.

Her YA paranormal suspense series, FLYING TO THE LIGHT and FLYING TO THE FIRE, are about a young deaf boy who knows what happens to you when you die and now people are after him for the answers.

Horror novel, THE MANNEQUINS, is about a film crew that enters an abandoned mansion and disappears, while her short story horror collection, RICKET ROW, is filled with creepy tales guaranteed to keep you up at night. The WORLD OF KAROV and THE RUBY AMULET take us to a fantasy world where twins, good and evil, and magic are all intertwined.

Lastly, her sci-fi collection called TITANIUM FLOW is rife with alien worlds, genetic testing, trans-galaxy romance, and robots!

When she’s not writing, she’s training for sprint triathlons, eating shock food with her Gastronaut Club and delving into all the newest and greatest social media apps. Needless to say, her kids can’t believe she’s on TikTok! 


Visit www.elysesalpeter.com, www.facebook.com/elysesalpeterauthor, www.twitter.com/elysesalpeter and www.elysesalpeter.wordpress.com