Alan McDermott


Alan McDermott lives in the south of England,  and is married with beautiful twin daughters. He recently gave up his job of creating critical applications for the NHS to write action thrillers full time.

His debut novel, Gray Justice, was very well received and earned him bestseller status. The next two books in the series — Gray Resurrection and Gray Redemption — were enough to attract the attention of a major publisher, and he has since added Gray RetributionGray Vengeance and Gray Salvation to the list.

Alan’s seventh title, Trojan, is a spinoff featuring MI5 agent Andrew Harvey. It was shortlisted for the ITW Best E-Book Original Novel award 2018.

Alan’s next project was the Eva Driscoll series. Driscoll is a CIA assassin forced to go rogue to investigate her brother’s murder.  The first book in the series is Run and Hide, followed by Seek and Destroy, and Fight to Survive.

His latest book is the mystery-thriller Motive.

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