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Welcome to our BestsellingReads blog – and have we ever got a lineup for you! Each day, right here in this spot, you will find a different author speaking to you, each voice with a magic and power all its own. We aim to enrich, challenge and entertain, all in the space of just a few minutes.

Mohana Rajakumar, bestselling author of From Dunes to Dior

Monday, January 21 please welcome Mohana Rajakumar, the Qatar-based author of nine books including From Dunes to Dior and Mommy But Still Me. Her surprising and explosive piece on the subject of plagiarism is entitled “The First Time.”


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Stephen Woodfin, bestselling author of The Next Best Hope

Tuesday, January 22, Stephen Woodfin, author of The Lazarus Deception as well as the chillingly realistic Next Best Hope, offers an original short story, “In the Eye of the Beholder.” It’ll leave you chuckling or make you shed a tear, one or the other.


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Toby Neal, bestselling author of Hawaii mystery Torch Ginger

Wednesday, January 23 Toby Neal, author of mysteries such as Blood Orchid and Torch Ginger, will entertain you with “What Your Bedside Table Says About You.” You don’t want Toby babysitting your kids; find out why.


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Rebecca Tsaros-Dickson, bestselling author of Say My Name

Thursday, January 24 brings Rebecca Tsaros Dickson, author of Say My Name. Her essay, “Show. Don’t Tell,” gives the inside dope on why you end up loving certain books and hating others. Ever wondered how that works? Find out the secret.


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Caleb Pirtle III, bestselling author of Golgotha Connection

Friday, January 25 we go on with Caleb Pirtle III, author of books such as Secrets of the Dead and Golgotha Connection. Caleb offers a spellbinding piece of short fiction called “Moon.” I think you’re going to love it.


Every day BestsellingReads will bring you fresh voices, whether it’s one of us spinning a yarn, or expounding a view based on the world as we see it. The pieces are short. We want to grab you just long enough to amaze, dazzle and impress you, and maybe make you reflect on something new. Join us here every day. Better yet, subscribe to the blog and get a fresh voice in your mailbox each morning.

So see you tomorrow, right here, for Mohana’s piece “The First Time.”

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