Thursday Teaser: An Author’s Guide to Goodreads by Barb Drozdowich


Chapter 1 – Networking

There is lots of advice surrounding Goodreads and how to use it as a selling tool. I don’t agree with all of it since I find that a softer approach tends to be more effective. Both in terms of selling books and my business, I find that the hard sell routine can turn people off. Conversely, I feel if you treat people fairly and ethically, they will respond in kind.

It makes me happy to refer books I absolutely LOVED to my readers on my book blog. Similarly, I work hard at creating helpful tutorials for my business blog. When I get a comment about how I saved someone time, it makes my day.

I try to combine these two tactics when on Goodreads. On one hand, I’m a voracious reader and enjoy sending someone in the direction of a great book. In fact, I hope they will return the favor as I’m always looking for something new to read! I also enjoy sharing information with people that I “meet” on Goodreads. I’m happy to answer a question if I can, or point someone in the right direction for what they are searching.

This is all part of networking, which I emphasize a lot in my consulting. Building friendships and relationships is key to building a business. My audience isn’t as big as some authors so I take advantage of any networking opportunities as I can.

Many authors gravitate towards the hard sell – the big numbers. They are only interested in the BookBub promotions and the like. They have a game plan that tends to be ‘go big or go home.’ There are many different ways to sell books and as an author, you need to do what feels right for your career. But when you are just starting out, you don’t qualify for the big promotions and it takes time to find other authors to collaborate with.  Because of this, I try to get new authors to focus on being as complete with the development of their platform as possible – don’t just put in the minimum required information – be thorough and as complete as possible. More on this later as I discuss what makes for a standout author profile.

As I’ve said before, I tend to look at the world of book promotions from a different perspective than many. I view it strategically by focusing on stats where others focus on feelings. I view book promotion as a big puzzle and I work to put as many pieces in place as I can.

I see Goodreads as a land of opportunity for authors. It comes with 50 million readers and authors. Although there are some exceptions, basically everyone on Goodreads reads. No other social media has the same concentration of readers. In the early days, I set out to see how I could connect with other readers. I had been successful in networking my book blog and I wanted to see what networking opportunities I could find on Goodreads.

I found the motherlode!

In addition to walking you through the creation of an account and your author profile, this book will explain best practices for building friendships and relationships on Goodreads as I want you to look at each section with an eye towards networking.

Not every section will resonate with every author. There are parts of Goodreads that just don’t work for me, but keep an open mind. Try new things. Be the creative person that I know you are. And don’t hesitate to drop me an email and share your ideas!

The book is available on Amazon and the free course is available here