Thursday teaser: Scorch Road


An exciting collaboration of two BestSelling authors:
Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman


“You’re the whole cold transport chain, Elizabeth. Don’t take your eyes off that thing until you get it to the CDC in Washington.” Dr. Fellerman stepped away, returning to his side of the big wooden desk. “There are ten vials of the isolated virus in there. And that case will keep it cold for at least three days.” He flopped into his chair and it rolled back a few inches. Dr. Fellerman closed his eyes. “It’s too late for me, but there are still a lot of people to save.”

Elizabeth stepped forward, wanting to hug him or say something to mark this parting. Dr. Fellerman had offered her guidance without pushing, and he’d been a great teacher—one of the rare people she trusted.

He frowned at her approach. “Don’t get too close. You’re not sick now, but you know how contagious this thing is.”

She nodded. “Thank you for everything.”

Dr. Fellerman gave her a weak smile. “Thank you, Elizabeth. And Godspeed.”

Elizabeth left his office and retraced her steps through the lab. As she waited for the elevator, Elizabeth looked down at the cryocase. Inside the insulated screw top, a smaller metal cylinder held the vials of cells. Liquid nitrogen filled the larger container, keeping the isolated virus at the optimum temperature, well below freezing. It had to stay that way or vaccine production would be set back by months.

What if she failed? The thought chilled her to her bones.



Wind drafted up his naked body as JT surveyed the land for the threat he knew was coming, but as usual he saw nothing but waving corn, velvety alfalfa, grazing pigs in their fenced pen, and the wind-ruffled leaves of soybeans and potato fields, picturesque in late summer glory.

JT had a powerful intuition, a sense of coming things. Mama called it the Sight and told him he’d inherited it from his deceased grandmother, rumored to be una strega, a witch.

“You’re a canary in a coal mine,” she had said, pulling him in for a hug after he’d told her to get her car fixed, that there was something wrong with it. The mechanic discovered a broken brake line that might have killed her. “You’ve been given the Sight. Be sure to use it for good, caro Jacobino.”

JT had tried to use that sense, along with an environmental biology degree, for good. But no one ever listened to his warnings, even those backed up by science. He’d got so tired of watching disaster strike again and again, waves on a seashore, that he’d left the EPA for this, his own place, where he could prepare.

Away from other people, JT was able to screen the stress of the Sight out better, but so close to water, he felt it acutely: the tremor of a shadow moving across the land.

A sickness was coming.

His family—five brothers, his mom, and his precious little sister—were all still out there, ignoring his warnings and invitations to the Haven. It hurt like a bruise that would never heal, a bruise that kept him up at night.

JT duckwalked around the metal platform’s edge, pleasure in the day evaporated—he was just hot, tired, and very alone. He arrowed into the pond in a swan dive. At the cool weedy bottom, he paused, his eyes shut. His mysterious sense was buffered, and yet amplified, by the water.

The scorching of the earth was coming here—right to his doorstep—into his fields.

The knowledge chilled JT more than the cold green water at the bottom of the pond. He shot for the sunlight, gasping for breath.

About Scorch Road

A new romantic action adventure series for fans of romance thriller and family romance sagas!

One of six Italian brothers and a sister, JT Luciano is a widowed environmental biologist with a touch of the Sight who is preparing for an apocalyptic event he knows is coming. Holed up at the military survival camp prepared for his family, the Haven, JT is ready for whatever might come… except for one woman.

Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, virologist and Senator’s daughter, is carrying precious cells for a vaccine against the swiftly-evolving, deadly flu that’s sweeping the nation. Her plane crashes in JT’s potato field–and she must convince him to leave the Haven and help her get to Washington, DC.

One by one, the structures of society implode in the face of the flu’s devastation as JT and Elizabeth travel a scorching road cross country.

Can danger bring them together to find one good, true thing in a changing world?

Get it on Amazon.

About the authors

Emily Kimelman is the author of the best selling Sydney Rye Series, which feature a strong female protagonist and her canine best friend, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don’t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery!

Emily can be found:

Website   |   Facebook    |   Twitter

Toby Neal is the author of the bestselling Lei Crime series featuring Maui police detective Lei Texeira, the Paradise Crime series featuring security specialist Sophie Ang, the Michaels Family Romance series, and the new Scorch Series romantic thrillers with Emily Kimelman.

Visit her:



Year-end Teasers: The 2016 spotlight


Your favorite bestselling authors have been very busy over the past 12 months. Altogether, BestSelling Reads member authors have published 46 titles. Here’s a quick look back at all the great reading available for your enjoyment this year.

Claude Bouchard

Scott Bury

Barb Drozdowich

Julie C. Gilbert

DelSheree Gladden

Emily Kimelman

Emily’s Sydney Rye Kindle World also launched in May 2016.

Seb Kirby


Toby Neal

Renée Pawlish

Kathleen Valentine

Even though Kathleen passed away at the end of October, she published two books in 2016:


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Book Launch Tuesday: The Girl with the Gun


Buy Emily Kimelman’s newest Sydney Rye blockbuster & get a free bonus book

tgwtgTo celebrate the launch of the eighth book in the bestselling Sydney Rye action/mystery series, Emily Kimelman is giving away a free e-copy and audiobook of Death in the Dark, the second Sydney Rye adventure.

What’s The Girl with the Gun about?

When international fugitive Sydney Rye turns herself over to authorities in order to protect the vigilante network she inspired, her freedom depends on helping Homeland Security shift the tides in a war for “hearts and minds.”

Recruiting female fighters to take on jihadists because being killed by a woman is the only thing they fear (it bars their entrance to heaven) is the perfect assignment for Sydney and her dog, Blue. But when the director who enlisted her is killed and the deal she made is scrapped, Sydney and Blue are left in a war zone, hunted by the U.S government and jihadists.

From a bestselling author who “has reimagined a traditional genre for a new generation.” (New York Times Best Selling Author of “Black Hawk Down” Mark Bowden).

How to get your free bonus book

Download a copy of The Girl with the Gun by Saturday, September 17, and send proof of purchase to She’ll send you your free bonus!

Get it on any of these sites:

About the author

Emily (author photo)Emily Kimelman is the author of the bestselling Sydney Rye Series including Unleashed, Death in the Dark, Insatiable, Strings of Glass, The Devil’s Breath, Inviting Fire and Shadow Harvest. This series feature a strong female protagonist and her canine best friend, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don’t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery!

The first book in the Sydney Rye series, Unleashed, is available as a free download on all major ebook retailers.

She has also been penning a Web serial, Kiss. This is an apocalyptic urban fantasy featuring vampires, zombies and multidimensional travel. The first six episodes are now available on Amazon.

Emily splits her time between the Hudson Valley and traveling the world with her husband and dog, Kinsey (named after Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone), researching exciting locations for the Sydney Rye Series. You can follow along on their adventures through Instagram, Facebook, and on Emily’s blog.

Visit Emily’s

And follow her on Twitter @EJKimelman.


Thursday Teaser: Insatiable


By Emily Kimelman

InsatiableShadedSunshine on a sunny day

Carlos was the one who felt my phone vibrating; it was under one of the napkins we’d used for our picnic lunch. I found it, and glancing quickly at the “UNKNOWN” on the caller ID, picked it up. While used to calls from unknown places, I was not used to calls from this guy.

“Sydney, how are you?”

I didn’t actually recognize his voice right away. I rolled away from Carlos, sitting up. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who this is.” It was when he laughed that I recognized him. “Bobby?”

He laughed again. “I’m glad you remember me. My heart would be broken if I could be so easily forgotten.”

I stood up, Carlos looked up at me, a question in his eyes. I shook my head and stepped away from our blanket. My dog, Blue, a huge wolf-like creature with one blue eye and one brown followed me, keeping at a heel. “Forget you, Bobby Maxim? In order to do that I’d need a lobotomy.”

“With your penchant for revenge, I half expect to see you bursting through my closet doors some day, guns blazing.”

I laughed. “Who says I’m not in there right now?”

“I know exactly where you are. I’ve been keeping very good track of you.”

I looked around the park. Gentle green hills spotted with couples and groups of friends lounging on blankets dominated the landscape. On a field below me a soccer match was beginning to form. A woman ran by in a skin-tight suit, nothing on her jiggled.

“Are you here now?”

“No, no. I’m calling to ask a favor.”

“That’s rich.”

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I spun around and stepped back. Blue let out a growl. Carlos stood behind me, his hands out, palms forward in a sign of peace. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going to join some mates for a game of football.”

“Sorry, that’s great. I’ll see you in a bit,” I said, covering the mouth piece. Carlos smiled and jogged off down the hill.

“Does he know about you?” Bobby asked. I didn’t answer as I watched Carlos join a group of other men on the field below. “Sydney, are you there?”

“I’m not doing you any favors. I don’t know if you’re totally clear on the fact that you took something from me.”

“Sydney, I don’t understand this animosity. I was just doing you a favor.”

“A favor!” I heard myself yelling. Looking around I saw that I’d attracted the attention of several of the groups of Londoners trying to enjoy their first day of sun. “You bastard,” I hissed quietly. “I hope you rot in hell.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner, darling.”

“Call me darling again and I will make it my life’s mission to take your ball sack. Are we clear?”

“Anything you’d do with my ball sack would be very welcome.”

“I forgot what a sick fuck you are.”

“A sick fuck who did you a favor and is now looking for one in return.”

“You’re insane!” I heard myself yelling again. I took a deep breath. In through my nose, out through my mouth. Blue tapped his muzzle against my hip to let me know he was still there.

“Sydney, I didn’t know what you two had planned. I would have killed Kurt long before you showed up. Remember, I’m not the one who left my fingerprints behind; whose blood was spilled all over the floor. You took yourself down, it had nothing to do with me.” He said it in an off-hand way. Like I was being petty and missing the big picture.

“You killed him,” I whispered, trying to control my anger, but I could feel myself shaking. “That was my right. Kurt Jessup murdered my brother and I should have been the one to end him.”

“At the time I had no idea about that. Mulberry didn’t tell me what you were planning, just that we had a problem. I had no intention of stifling your little revenge act. If anyone should be pissed it’s me. At least you got the treasure.”

I stood on the green feeling lightheaded. It was like Bobby Maxim was taking the world and flipping it upside down. “What are you talking about? Mulberry told you that?”

“Oh Cher, you didn’t know?” Maxim’s voice rose an octave, teasing and dripping with syrup. A cold knowledge traveled from my toes right up to my brain, my best friend betrayed me, our relationship was built on a lie. I walked toward the shade of a tree, reaching out to rest a hand against the rough trunk. “Mulberry called me, told me about Kurt. About him killing Tate and Joseph,” Bobby paused, “about how he killed your brother, James.” I picked at the tree in front of me, breaking off a piece of the bark. I looked at the white underneath, the exposed inner branch. “Now don’t get all upset and quiet on me, dear. He only did it to save you.”

“Save me?”

“From becoming a killer.”

“You think someone can be saved from that?” I heard sadness in my voice and hated myself for it.

“No, I don’t. I think you are what you are, Sydney. And I think it’s amazing. I want you on my team.” He sounded upbeat and excited about our future together.

I didn’t answer.

About Insatiable — Sydney Rye Mystery # 3

When a dangerous man from her past calls, Sydney Rye finds she cannot turn him away. Robert Maxim explains that the daughter of a powerful friend has gone missing and he wants Rye to find her. In exchange he offers her something she had given up hope of ever having; freedom from her past.

About the author

Emily (author photo)Emily is the author of eight mysteries in her best selling Sydney Rye Series about a brave female protagonist and her giant dog, Blue. She also writes dystopian, paranormal romances under the name E.J. Kimelman.

A traveler, mother and all around badass chick, Emily is always happy to hear from readers. Connect with her on Twitter @ejkimelman, Facebook, and at her website Visit Emily’s website and sign up for her Readers’ Group to receive four FREE ebooks including the first book in her Sydney Rye Series, Unleashed. You’ll also get special offers, new release announcements and more. 

Emily can be found:

Website   |   Facebook    |   Twitter


Teaser Thursday: Fatal Interest


By Julie C. Gilbert

FatalInterestwBadge“It’s nice to meet you. Who’s the handsome fellow?”


“That’s a nice name. I see you’ve already met Dr. Ian Alton. He’s the biology teacher, but his true passion is his research into different genetic strains of grass. I don’t really get it, but he loves that grass.” Silvia shook her head like she couldn’t fathom why. “I fear watering the experimental grass has made an enemy out of Ian for Blue here, but he’ll get over it. I’ll have the kids steal his precious sign a time or two more. That’ll keep him busy.”

I raised an eyebrow at the woman.

“You had them steal the sign?”

“Not exactly, but it does make a regular appearance in my room throughout the year,” Silvia explained. “I’ve narrowed down the suspects to two young men and a young lady from my team, but I’ve not cracked the case yet. If that’s the worst of the pranks they pull, we should count our blessings.”

I looked back at the man she’d called Ian. He was kneeling next to a patch of grass, studying it carefully.

“Have you seen the pool yet?” Silvia asked, drawing my attention back her way.

“No. I decided to check out the grounds first.”

“Aside from teaching English, I’m also the assistant swim coach. We’ve got an Olympic size pool in the West Wing below the dorms. Do you fancy a tour?” Silvia slipped into a British accent as she asked the question.

Silvia’s cheer was starting to wear on me, but I gathered there was no quicker way to the heart of the school than questioning the most enthusiastic chatterbox. Consenting to the tour, I followed Silvia across the expansive back lawn back to the mansion. Keeping the pace casual, I carefully questioned my new source. She had a story and statement ready for just about everything.

Before reaching the pool, I learned that the history teacher, Dr. Bartholomew Rathbone, Jr., had taught here for thirty-five years.

“He’s a relic and a bit eccentric, but harmless enough. Don’t get him started on the Civil War unless you’ve got a three-hour chunk of time to kill.”   

After being properly impressed by the pool, I encouraged Silvia to continue playing tour guide. Happy to comply, she led me up a floor to the hallway full of creepy portraits.

“I call this the ‘Great Hall of Dead People,’” she announced dramatically, “but don’t tell Belinda. She’s like Ian and the grass to the nth power when it comes to respecting the school. Me? I’m more of a realist. Don’t get me wrong. I love working here. Most of the students are great, but a few need the silver spoon yanked out of their mouths once in a while.” Silvia winked at me. “I’m happy to do the yanking.”

What’s Fatal Interest about?

Sydney Rye doesn’t believe in ghosts … until she meets one.

Without warning, the Ghost Girl appears in her room and tells her to expect a phone call. Despite the strangest referral ever, Sydney accepts what appears to be a simple case of high class mischief at an exclusive boarding school.

The Head Mistress can’t tell her much, but she fears one of the students might be in danger. Rooms are being searched seemingly at random, and the list of potential targets stretches to nearly everybody. Still, compared to Sydney’s other cases, this one has all the markings of an open/shut one for her and Blue.

Looks can be deceiving.

Somebody has a keen interest in this small, posh school, and it’s up to Sydney and Blue to expose the bad guys before that interest turns fatal.

Fatal Interest is a Lei Crime Kindle World novella, based on characters created by BSR member Emily Kimelman. It’s also part of Julie Gilbert’s Ghost Girl Files series.

Find it exclusively on Amazon.

About the author

Teaching and writing make up about 90% of my life. The other smidgen would probably be split between Legos, Star Wars collecting, and drinking decaf coffee or a strong peppermint tea. I might also be a candy addict. I occasionally do puzzles, but crossword puzzles bore me. I’m more of a word search gal because there’s always a chance of winning those.

Visit me on:

And follow me on Twitter: @authorgilbert or @jilliananddeli.


A multi-Teaser Thursday


The Sydney Rye Kindle World

Five BestSelling Reads authors are releasing new books today in the brand-new Sydney Rye Kindle World, based on the series by another BSR member, Emily Kimelman. So for Teaser Thursday, we’ll tease you with just a snippet from each one.

Visit the Sydney Rye Kindle World

Scott Bury: The Wife LineWifeLine-final-small

Sydney jumped off the branch, landing ten feet below beside Blue. “Hunt,” she said, pointing along the wall toward the front of the estate. Blue sprang ahead, disappearing into the darkness under the trees. Sydney ran as fast as she could behind him, but of course could not keep up with the big dog.

She rounded the corner of the wall, arriving in a small clearing surrounded by bushes, still invisible to anyone in the manor. She had expected to find Blue pinning the shadowy figure to the ground, standing on his chest and growling into his face.

Instead, the wan light that filtered through the leaves from the manor showed Blue in classic play posture: butt high in the air, tail wagging furiously, front paws and head low to the ground, head tilted slightly to one side. In front of him was a man in the same posture, or as close as a human being could get to doggie pose: on his hands and knees, butt high, head low.

Julie Gilbert: Fatal Interest

FatalInterestWOI cursed, or at least I tried to. I think it came out as fudge as my brain was still working off Nadia’s child-friendly list. Kicking the door so I wouldn’t break my hand, I shouted for Carly to open the door. Hearing the sound of disengaging locks, I stopped kicking the door and waited.

Carly opened the door and waved me in.

“She’s not here,” she said wearily. “I told her not go, but she doesn’t listen to me. I mean it’s like she’s not even the same person anymore. She’s so moody and withdrawn.”

“Where is she this time?” I demanded.

“She snuck off with David Richter,” said a voice from behind me.

DelSheree Gladden: The Catalyst

CatalystCoverPicking my phone back up, I brought up the latest news stories, found nothing overly interesting, then wondered about the girl Lauren had asked me to look out for. It took me a few seconds to remember the name.

Typing “Eliza Carlisle” into the news app, I hit the search button and sighed when the results loaded. “Local culinary student plays key part in solving 50-year-old murder.” That wouldn’t have sounded so ominous if not for the pictures and videos accompanying the headline. Anything involving SWAT couldn’t be good. My mind decided it had had enough and was ready to shut off. Ditching my phone, I crawled back under my blankets and closed my eyes. Lauren’s favor just got a whole lot more complicated.

Toby Neal: Rough Road

RoughRoadCoverShe reached the top and turned, slowing her steps. Her shoes sank in loose, deep sand as she paused, leaning over to rest her hands on her knees and look back.

The two men were already returning to the car. Fernando looked right at her as he opened the door of the truck. He reached in and pulled Amy up by her hair. Looking right at Lei, he flourished his huge Buck knife against her friend’s neck. Lei gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

He was trying to make her return, by holding Amy hostage.

If Lei went back, he’d just have two girls to torture. If Lei found help, one of them at least might survive. But was she just justifying leaving Amy there to suffer? Lei’s mouth was chalky with the horror of her dilemma.

Renée Pawlish: Walk Softly, Danger

WalkSoftlyCoverThe woman on the corner took a few steps toward Gage, then stopped and sauntered back to the corner. I kept binoculars in the backseat, and I pulled them out and trained them on her. I guessed she was in her late twenties or early thirties, and she wore jeans and a gray jacket. But what struck me was her left eye. In the fading light it was difficult to tell, but it looked like there was some scarring around it, as if she’d been on the losing end of a vicious fight.

“My money is good,” Zubov interrupted me. “I want you to find out what happened to my daughter.”

This didn’t look promising. But Zubov seemed so sincere…and heartbroken. I got out of the 4-Runner. “Wait here.”

Get all the Sydney Rye Kindle World e-books from Amazon.

What is a Kindle World?

SRKWbadge3Kindle Worlds is an Amazon initiative that allows authors to publish stories set in another author’s fictional universe. The Sydney Rye Kindle World is based on the characters and situations created by bestselling author Emily Kimelman.

The Sydney Rye series of vigilante mysteries feature a strong female lead and her rescue dog, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, a dash of sex and don’t mind a little salty language. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery with tons of action that will keep you reading late into the night!


Monday Musings: Authors who work together are better for readers


by Scott Bury

I was struck recently with the realization that I collaborate and cooperate with a lot of other authors in a lot of different ways. BestSelling Reads is just one example, where I feel privileged to work with very fine authors in cross-promotional efforts.

I also participate in another group called Independent Authors International, which is about supporting each other in producing books professionally.

And I am also struck by the number of BestSelling Reads members who collaborate in another way: through Kindle Worlds.

NightbirdKindle Worlds is an Amazon initiative where authors write new works based on the characters and settings of bestselling authors. Toby Neal, for example, has a Lei Crime Kindle World. I have written two short works  in this world, as has Eden Baylee, and Emily Kimelman has written one. New member Julie Gilbert has written four! Toby Neal, for her part, has written a novella, Nightbird, in (non-BestSelling Reads member) Russell Blake’s Jet Kindle World. And Emily’s Sydney Rye Kindle World will launch in mid-March—and I will contribute a new book to it, The Wife Line.

What’s in it for you?

Kindle Worlds are designed to benefit both authors and readers. The originators of the Kindle Worlds, authors like Toby Neal, Russell wdemilykimelmanBlake and Emily Kimelman, get a portion of the royalties from the sales of the books by other writers in their “worlds.” The authors of the contributed works get some of the proceeds from the sales, as well as exposure to the wider audiences, the fans of the characters and situations created by the Neals, Blakes and Kimelmans.

And readers get more of the characters they love, the characters and stories they clamour for.

Authors’ cooperative groups like BestSelling Reads have similar benefits for readers. If you’ve followed one of your favourite authors to this blog, someone like Sydney Landon or Samreen Ahsan, Frederick Lee Brooke or Raine Thomas, Gae-Lynn Woods or Kathleen Valentine, here you have an opportunity to find others in the same genre.

Or you can explore other kinds of writing, from romance to spy thrillers, mystery to paranormal fictA Snake in Paradise_edenbayleeion, high fantasy to contemporary literature.

While the member authors of BestSelling Reads are a diverse bunch, there are two things they have in common: professionalism and dedication to their readers.

Because we all value our relationship with our readers, we hold each other to a high standard. All members of BSR are recommended by other members as writers who are or have been bestsellers, but more importantly, uphold that standard of professionalism. We use professional editors and proofreaders and cover designers.

In other words, the writers who are members of BestSelling Reads, whether independently published or represented by the biggest publishing companies in the world, are dedicated to bringing the best possible reading to our readers: interesting, engaging, well-written, polished and professionally packaged.

These are the elements that can make or break a reader’s experience with a book. That’s why BestSelling Reads member take them so seriously.

What should readers do?

Readers are great at recommending their favourite authors to other readers. So this is what I would like all readers of this blog to do: share it.JetWBottomImage

Tell other readers about BestSelling Reads, who your favourite member author is, what books you like, and the other great reads you’ve discovered here.

Authors working together produce better books for readers. And readers working together help readers find better books.



Sweet Treat Thursday: A romance giveaway


ValentineBundle-FacebookIs there an avid romance reader that you want to be your Valentine?

No romance reader could resist a boxed set of 9 romantic e-books from the freshest voices in fiction today. And you can get them for FREE simply by signing up to receive the BestSelling Reads e-newsletter. Fill out the form on the right and you’ll get this nine-book volume in Kindle format FREE in your inbox.

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And you can make it the gift of romantic reading for your special Valentine.

Happy reading!


Win-a-Book Wednesday: Shadow Harvest


By Emily Kimelman


You could WIN a free paperback copy of the latest Sydney Rye novel, Shadow Harvest. All you have to do is to share the blurb  below on social media, and then leave the link to your post in the Comments section below. And don’t forget to include your email address, so we can send you the book!

Shadow Harvest, the 7th Sydney Rye mystery by Emily Kimelman, now available as e-book, audiobook and paperback.

Sydney Rye is finally becoming comfortable with the vigilante network, Joyful Justice, that she inspired. On a private island in the midst of the Pacific she is studying hard, learning about the structure of the organization and their active missions, preparing to take on a leadership role.

However, when Sydney Rye’s good friend and fellow Joyful Justice council member, Merl, goes missing in Shanghai, she and her dog, Blue, rush to the People’s Republic to track him down. Following Merl’s trail leads Sydney into the darkest corners of China’s corruption where she witnesses atrocities that make her already cold blood freeze.

With time running out and powerful forces closing in on her, Sydney has to risk everything to save her friend. The question is, will everything be enough?

About Emily Kimelman

Emily (author photo)Emily Kimelman is the author of the best selling Sydney Rye Series including Unleashed, Death in the Dark, Insatiable, Strings of Glass, The Devil’s Breath and Inviting Fire. This series feature a strong female protagonist and her canine best friend, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don’t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery!

Emily splits her time between the Hudson Valley and traveling the world with her husband and dog, Kinsey (named after Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone), researching exciting locations for the Sydney Rye Series. You can follow along on their adventures through Instagram, Facebook, and on Emily’s blog.

The first book in the Sydney Rye series, Unleashed, is available as a free download on all major ebook retailers.

Emily can be found:

Website   |   Facebook    |   Twitter