Thursday teaser: Driscoll: Run and Hide #excerpt

This week's excerpt comes from Alan McDermott's upcoming new thriller, Run and Hide. Read on to see how YOU could WIN a free signed copy! By Alan McDermott Colback was picturing the mouth-watering plate of juicy steak and baked potato that lay a … [Continue reading]

Monday Musings: Scott Bury’s year ahead

As a follower of this blog, you have a lot of great reading to look forward to! BestSelling Reads members released 48 new titles in 2017, alone. For a group of 17, that’s a prodigious amount that spans the gamut from romance to thriller to … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Blogging for Authors #excerpt

By Barb Drozdowich This week's excerpt comes from Blogging for Authors, one of Barb Drozdowich's series of books to help authors reach audiences. Why do I need to blog? THE QUESTION that comes up repeatedly during my discussions with authors — … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser excerpt: A Lovely Night to Die

This week's excerpt is from Caleb Pirtle's newest book. By Caleb Pirtle III HE LAY ALONE in the dark and waited to hear footsteps outside the front door. It was nothing new for Roland Sand.  He had been waiting for an invitation from the grim … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser excerpt: The Damned Don’t Die

This week's excerpt is from Book 16 of the Reed Ferguson mysteries By Renée Pawlish “I know exactly what you’re up to.” It was Shirley. She was just as angry as she’d been inside. “I can assure you, I’ve been board president for two terms now, … [Continue reading]

What to give the fantasy reader on your list? A BestSelling Read!

It's getting to crunch time in the gift-buying season. What can you get the fantasy reader on your shopping list? A BestSelling Read, of course. And this it the perfect place to find great fantasy reads. Samreen Ahsan Samreen Ahsan's award-winning … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser excerpt: Wildfires

This week's Thursday Teaser excerpt is from an upcoming, yet unfinished mystery novel. Tara Rezeck Mystery 1 By Scott Bury Tara's shoulder slammed into the passenger door as the big old pickup flew around a bend. She wanted to tell Roberto to slow … [Continue reading]

What to get the mystery lover on your gift list? A BestSelling mystery or two!

The 25th is coming up fast, but you can give the gift the mystery reader will love. Just choose any of the titles from our bestselling mystery /thriller authors. Eden Baylee stepped into the mystery genre with her psychological suspense … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Wired Dawn

This week's Thursday teaser excerpt is extra-special: it's from Chapter 1 of the latest Paradise Crime novel—which releases tomorrow! Read on to learn how you could win a free copy. By Toby Neal The boy ran, stumbling in the darkness, toward … [Continue reading]

Your one-stop shop for the avid readers on your holiday shopping list

What can you buy the avid reader on your holiday shopping list? BestSelling Reads has the materials that make your shopping easy. Whether your loved ones love mysteries, romance, action thrillers, science fiction or fantasy, our authors have … [Continue reading]