Thursday teaser: Sugar for Sugar — an excerpt

Excerpt from Seb Kirby This week's excerpt comes from Seb Kirby's latest novel. A sound from somewhere far off, getting closer all the time. I open my eyes. The phone is ringing. I pick it up and look at the image on the screen. The … [Continue reading]

Writing a book is like running a (half) marathon

This post originally appeared on Author DelSheree Gladden's blog. Last month, my husband and I just ran our second half marathon. How is writing a book like running a half marathon? The first few miles of a half marathon are awesome. Your … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Trojan

By Alan McDermott At 3 a.m. precisely, Wahid gave the signal for his men to make their move. The chemical-weapons storage facility, a huge, one-storey building surrounded by a ten-foot wall made of reinforced concrete, was situated near a village … [Continue reading]

Monday musings: Travel, beauty and writing

People often say travel broadens you. It opens your mind and your heart to new ideas, exposes you to different cultures and people, and tends to make you more accepting of differences. For me, travel is also inspiring—literally. When I travel, I … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: The Wife Line

By Scott Bury “Drink more wine,” a woman in a white micro-dress said to the nervous blond. “Try to relax.” She also spoke Czech, and had short red hair. Irina was glad she had not opted to dye her own hair. She touched the glass of wine in her hand … [Continue reading]

In praise of the cliché

Writers are always teaching me, whether they know it or not. I’ve been editing and beta-reading manuscripts for a number of people this summer, and their words make me re-evaluate some ideas I held firmly for some time. And I keep coming to the same … [Continue reading]

New book: The Man Who Talks to Strangers

By Caleb Pirtle III Caleb Pirtle III has traveled down many back roads and dead end streets during his writing career as newspaperman, magazine editor, and author. He collects people. More accurately, he collects their stories. Some call him a … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Wired Dark

Book 4 in the Paradise Crime series launches today! By Toby Neal   Tech security specialist Sophie Ang walked through the velvet-dark night, patrolling a beachfront property in Wailea on Maui. She found comfort in the familiar weight of … [Continue reading]

Monday Musings: How many typos are acceptable?

How important is the quality of editing to a reader? My first job following university was as a “production editor,” basically a copy editor, for textbook publisher Prentice-Hall. On my first day, my new boss, Richard Hemingway—I’m not kidding—was … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: The Complete Mailing List Toolkit

By Barb Drozdowich Welcome to The Complete Mailing List Toolkit part of an ongoing series of author "how-to" books, which is designed to help you navigate the technical issues of self-publishing. This box set specifically focuses on how to create … [Continue reading]