Thursday teaser: A Snake in Paradise

Read on to learn how you can get one of three e-copies of A Snake in Paradise By Eden Baylee Curled in a fetal position in the center of a king-sized bed, a woman trembled as emotions bubbled inside her chest. An intricate array of lines covered … [Continue reading]

Monday musings: If the story turns you on, write about it

By Caleb Pirtle III This post is a re-blog from Venture Galleries. How could my mystery and thriller novels be called historical fiction? They happened in my lifetime. It appears that we have become locked into a publishing universe that is … [Continue reading]

Thursday teasers: New releases from your favorite BestSelling authors

BestSelling Reads member authors have been a busy bunch this winter, releasing 11 excellent novels. And there are more to come by May. Here are the latest releases from your favorite writers. January 12 Trojan Thriller by Alan McDermott When … [Continue reading]

New BestSelling Read: Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame

Bestselling author Elise Stokes has published the fifth book in her Cassidy Jones Adventures, Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame, to an eagerly waiting audience. It's already climbing the bestseller lists, in the top 10 on Amazon's Children's ebooks … [Continue reading]

Monday musings: Paper or electronic books?

The bus is a great place to observe people, to watch how they spend their time when they’re waiting to get to where they want or need to go. While many just stare at nothing, or try to sleep, most attempt to fill their time. Most of those who are … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Secrets of the Dead

By Caleb Pirtle III Lincoln descended the steps to the pavement. He was facing a strange town on a strange mission under strange circumstances at a strange time in his life. Somehow, none of it seemed strange. He may have only been walking the … [Continue reading]

Monday Musings: What’s the difference between memory and history?

History, the stuff we’re taught in schools, read in books and watch on screens, is supposed to be the official, collective memory of our culture—or at least part of it. But when you talk to people who have direct experience in something mentioned in … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Sugar for Sugar

By Seb Kirby Justin Hardman looks at himself in the mirror as he shaves. He likes what he sees. A man approaching forty but with the bright-eyed zeal of a twenty-year-old. A man in control. He knows where he stands in this troubled world. He … [Continue reading]

Meet the author Monday: Claude Bouchard

A couple of months ago, Bestselling Reads’ fearless leader, Scott Bury, asked the group’s members to answer a few questions. Some did, may didn’t and Scott has recently moved into "veiled threat" mode with the procrastinators. Such a tactic usually … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Saving Raine

Win a free e-book copy of the Drone Wars: Book 1 By Frederick Lee Brooke The pickup lights cut a path through the darkness as they shared a bag of tortilla chips. All at once, Matt’s eyes picked up a familiar form in the grass by the side of the … [Continue reading]