Thursday teaser: Saving Raine

Win a free e-book copy of the Drone Wars: Book 1 By Frederick Lee Brooke The pickup lights cut a path through the darkness as they shared a bag of tortilla chips. All at once, Matt’s eyes picked up a familiar form in the grass by the side of the … [Continue reading]

Monday musings: Advice for aspiring and experienced authors

By Dawn Torrens I am a full-time author and an occasional headline reviewer for BBC Radio WM 95.6 FM. I have written and published 14 books in various romantic genres over the past six years, including the bestselling Amelia's … [Continue reading]

Caleb Pirtle joins BestSelling Reads

Prolific, bestselling author Caleb Pirtle III has re-joined BestSelling Reads, the association of professional, independent authors. One of the first members of the group, Pirtle is returning in 2017. The author of more than 70 books, Pirtle has … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Scorch Road

An exciting collaboration of two BestSelling authors: Toby Neal and Emily Kimelman Elizabeth “You’re the whole cold transport chain, Elizabeth. Don’t take your eyes off that thing until you get it to the CDC in Washington.” Dr. Fellerman … [Continue reading]

Monday musings: My literary evolution

By Elise Stokes How have I evolved as a writer over the last five years, Scott Bury asked me. It’s a timely question, as I’m about to publish my fifth book YA book, Cassidy Jones & the Eternal Flame. So I’ve decided to answer his questions … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Sweet Valentine Treats

By BestSelling Reads members Valentine's Day is less than a week away, and BestSelling Reads is offering anyone who subscribes to receiving our notifications by email a free copy of Sweet Valentines Treats—an anthology of romantic, hot, sweet … [Continue reading]

Monday musings: Writer—a creator or a narrator?

By Samreen Ahsan I’m Samreen Ahsan and I’m the author of multiple award-winning books. Many people who didn’t know me as an author, or who knew me before I started writing have asked me what inspired me to write. Some people also ask how do I … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: A new book release

Walking Out of War by Scott Bury The third volume of Scott Bury's trilogy of the World War 2 experiences of a Canadian drafted into the Red Army will be published in February 2017. Here's a sneak peek. Most of the new recruits were very … [Continue reading]

Monday musings: The method behind my madness

By Raine Thomas With pre-orders for my latest release, Imperfect Harmony (House of Archer #1), just going live, I’ve been reflecting on the time and effort it took to begin this new series. My readers are embarking on this rocker romance journey … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Broken Wings

By Dawn Torrens Angelina could not stem the tears falling down her cheeks. She could hardly breathe from the fear that this could be the last time she ever saw him alive. Joshua ran his finger slowly over the small scar etched into her right … [Continue reading]