Thursday teaser: Honor Among Thieves

The newest Dewey Webb Historical Mystery is now out! By Renée Pawlish As I sat at my table at a restaurant on Grant Street, I wasn’t thinking about murder. My mind had been on how I was going to pay the stack of bills piled on my office desk. I … [Continue reading]

Monday musing: Writing fiction is different from writing non-fiction. It’s harder.

Writers of non-fiction often set out to answer a need: “How to hammer nails straight,” or “How to deceive yourself into believing that this diet will actually work next week.” In fiction, however, it’s completely up to the writer to make the … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Back Side of a Blue Moon

By Caleb Pirtle III This week's Thursday teaser is from a brand-new title now available on Amazon. THE CROWDED GROUNDS of Eudora’s farm was a circus. A freak show. A dance at the gates of hell. Heaven on earth. And Doc had already stolen the … [Continue reading]

Writers want to hear from readers

Next to writing, the thing writers love to do most is . . .  talk with readers about books, writing and what makes reading great. This week, BestSelling Reads authors share the question they most want to ask readers, as well as the question they … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Unsteady Rhythm

This week's Thursday teaser is a special one: a peek at an as-yet-unreleased, upcoming new book, the newest House of Archer rock star romance by Raine Thomas! House of Archer, Book 2 By Raine Thomas Sydney saw that Keith was about to argue further … [Continue reading]

Meet the Author Monday: Gae-Lynn Woods

This week, BestSelling Reads presents Gae-Lynn Woods, an author who lives in East Texas. Tell the readers about the books you’ve written. I have written three books, and I’m hard at work on novel number four. All my books are mysteries set in a … [Continue reading]

Thursday teaser: Femme Fatale

Vigilante, Book 7 by Claude Bouchard The remainder of the evening with Monique and Henri had turned into a pleasant one once the shock of Louie’s murder had been absorbed. Henri had recounted anecdotes of his security work at the Louvre, ranging … [Continue reading]

Easter Monday Musings: Do you love to talk about books?

Do you love to talk about books? One thing I’d like to do is drink a cup of coffee and talk about books with readers and writers. I love chatting with readers, but I want more than the usual “Where do you get your ideas from?” I’d like to hear … [Continue reading]

Thursday Teaser: Trouble Magnet

Eliza Carlisle Mystery Book 1 By DelSheree Gladden “I didn’t kill her!” Baxter shouted. Several heads turned our way, which only pissed him off even more. Jamming a finger in my direction, he said, “You’ve been here less than twenty-four hours … [Continue reading]

Meet the author Monday: Seb Kirby

In our new series, we're doing some basic introductions for each of our members. This week, it's Seb Kirby. How many books have you written? I’m currently hard at work on my seventh. Please explain your various series and standalone books. All … [Continue reading]