Thursday teaser: Driscoll: Run and Hide #excerpt


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By Alan McDermott

Colback was picturing the mouth-watering plate of juicy steak and baked potato that lay a couple of blocks south when his sixth sense kicked in.  Years of special-forces training and working in warzones had honed his personal alert system. Tilting his head slightly to the right, he identified the black SUV out of the corner of his eye. No telling how long it had been cruising slowly next to him; the tinted windows meant he couldn’t see who was inside.  He kept a subtle eye on the vehicle and quickened his pace slightly, but he jerked to a stop when he felt the hard object dig into the small of his back.

Shit. He had been too focused on the vehicle and had missed the real threat. He turned his head slightly to see the man who controlled the pistol behind him.  The short-cropped hair and bulging biceps under the white shirt told Colback that this wasn’t a typical street robbery.

Acronyms flashed through his mind.  CIA. FBI.  NSA.

Whoever they were, they’d gone about making his acquaintance the wrong way.

Colback saw the SUV come to a complete stop and the side door opened.  He had an instant to decide what to do.  Given the way this was going down, he saw only one choice.


Colback pivoted quickly at the waist to face the threat, spinning his right arm around in an arc as he turned and trapping the assailant’s arm just below the elbow, the pistol now safely under his own arm. Dropping slightly at the knees and then thrusting up he palmed the man under the nose, breaking it bloodily. He followed through with his right arm, delivering a vicious punch to the throat, then grabbed the man’s gun hand and snapped the wrist backwards.  The weapon clattered to the sidewalk, but any thoughts of retrieving it were tempered by the sight of two more bodies exiting the vehicle.

Instead, a single word leapt into his head.


Colback’s legs were pumping before his own mental warning even registered.  A round from a silenced weapon slammed into the front of a building next to his head, and he took that as his cue to leave the sidewalk and run into traffic.  He almost collided with the hood of a yellow cab as he crossed Fifth Avenue, hoping to make his pursuers think twice about following him.  A glance back told him he was mistaken, their tenacity confirming that these weren’t simply thugs out to rob him.

At the corner of Fifth and East Forty-ninth, he took a left, dodging more traffic as he crossed to where a gaggle of pedal-powered rickshaws converged outside a department store.  At eight in the evening, the pedestrian crowds remained as heavy as the street traffic, which only made the brazen attack more worrying.

Colback crashed through a large throng of Asian tourists and stole another look behind him.  Two figures wearing leather jackets were hot on his heels, and the black SUV was tearing down Fifth Avenue, no doubt to cut him off at the end of the block.  The armed pair was closing fast, and he was quickly running out of options.  He turned right at the corner of Madison and Forty-ninth and found himself outside a café, its outdoor seating area cordoned off by half a dozen metal poles supporting red ropes.

Colback had a better use for them.

He unhitched two ropes and picked up the pole.  It weighed at least fifteen pounds and the base made it unwieldly, but it was all Colback had.  He held it over his shoulder like a baseball bat, listening for the sounds of rapid footsteps approaching the corner.

Colback swung the pole, its round base catching the first of the pursuers square in the face, stopping him in his tracks.  The second one couldn’t stop in time and barreled into his companion.  Both hit the deck hard, and with a couple of more swings Colback made sure they’d stay down.

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About the author

Alan McDermott is a husband, father to beautiful twin girls, and a full-time author. Alan lives in the south of England, and in 2014 he swapped writing critical application for the NHS to penning thrillers that have gone on to sell close to a million copies. His debut novel, Gray Justice, was well received and earned him membership of Independent Authors International. That book launched in July 2011, and by the time he’d written the follow-ups, Gray Resurrection and Gray Redemption, it had attracted the attention of a major publisher. Alan signed with Thomas & Mercer in 2013 and has now written six novels in the Tom Gray series and a spinoff called Trojan. Alan’s eighth novel introduces a new female lead.

Until the end of January, the first three books in the Tom Gray series are on sale on, and the first six are just £1 for readers in the UK.

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