Focus Friday: Take No More


By Seb Kirby

TNM-Cover-LARGE-EBOOK-682x1024 (1)I could not have known that this day, of all days, was the one that would change my life so much for the worse.

I was walking down the steps at the side of Southwark Cathedral. I’d left work in time to get to Borough Market while it was still open. Julia was away in Florence working on a project for her conservation studio, absorbed in her work restoring paintings and we hadn’t seen each other for over a month.

The old Market had been transformed in recent years with the arrival from all over the world of so many young workers in London. Now almost every taste and every cuisine was catered for at the bustling stalls wedged beneath the Victorian overhead railway, its cast iron supports forming an ornate roof.

It was still a wonder to me how much I loved Julia. And how much she loved me. We were soul mates. It was as simple as that. Nor could I believe how lucky we’d been to buy the apartment overlooking the Thames.

As I left the Market, the view across the river, taking in the Embankment and with St Paul’s dominating the opposite skyline, was magnificent. The Thames was always in flow, turbulent and full of interest, a working river with craft of all shapes and sizes.

Turning onto the riverside walk, popular with tourists but still retaining enough of the character that for centuries had made it a mysterious place, I walked on through a low brick walled tunnel where a busker, no doubt a young musician from one of the London orchestras, was playing Brahms. I walked past the terrace restaurant at the base of our apartment building, typed in the security number on the touchpad, pushed open the door and walked up the flight of stairs that led to the apartment.

Something was wrong. The door to the apartment was open; not ajar, but open just four or five inches.

We never left the door open no matter how good the security system of the apartment building was supposed to be.

I approached the door, trembling. I pushed against it. It would hardly give; there was something behind the door, stopping it from opening. I pushed harder until it gave. I forced my way inside.

It was Julia. She’d collapsed against the inside of the door trying to escape the apartment. There was blood everywhere. I felt for a pulse — at her wrist, at her neck — but there was none. I felt the deepest sadness welling from the base of my soul. It began with a scream that progressed to a howl of bitter regret followed by tears that shook my whole body.

Someone had killed her. Her body was still warm. It must have happened not many minutes before.

About Take No More

An artistic voyage in crime – thrilling and original

When James Blake discovers his wife murdered in their London home, he is determined to find her killer. As the prime suspect, he flees England and sets out on a journey that takes him to Florence and Venice and into a dark underworld of corruption, a trail that will lead him to the killer – and the shocking truth behind the mystery.

About Seb Kirby

SKLisbonSeb Kirby was literally raised with books – his grandfather ran a mobile library in Birmingham, UK and his parents inherited a random selection of the books. Once he discovered a trove of well-used titles from Zane Gray’s Riders of the Purple Sage, HG Wells’ The Invisible Man and Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities to more obscure stuff, he was hooked.

He’s been an avid reader ever since.

His books include the James Blake Thriller series (Take No More, Regret No More and Forgive No More) and the Raymond Bridges science fiction thriller series (Double Bind). He is hard at work now on the next installment.

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Win-A-Book Wednesday: Mended—Lucian & Lia, Book 3


By Sydney Landon



The much-awaited third installment of the Luc & Lia saga will be out very soon.

Win a copy

Leave a comment below listing the first two titles in the series for a free e-copy of Mended when it’s available.

About Mended

Lucian finally shares his past heartache and guilt with Lia. Free of the shadows that have haunted them, they are ready to move forward together.

Until…the woman who destroyed Lucian’s life eight years ago is suddenly free. Lucian is in a frantic race against time to convince those around him that Cassie is
the ultimate threat to all that he holds dear. He’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves even if he has to wage a war against his best friend to do it.

About Sydney Landon

March2015Sydney Landon is the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of  Weekends Required, Not Planning on You, Fall For Me, Fighting For You, Betting on You, No Denying You, Always Loving You, Pierced and Fractured.

Sydney is currently working on the next book in the Danvers’ Series as well as the Pierced Series. When she isn’t writing, Sydney enjoys reading, swimming and the beach.  She lives with her family in Greenville, South Carolina.

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